KITL is corrupted by LCD Driver

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KITL is corrupted by LCD Driver

Postby U25vd01hbg » Sat, 20 Nov 2004 17:05:02 GMT

Hi All,

My system will hang at the end of following message:

0x8394b040: Display Driver Initialization Complete
0x8394b040: Bits-per-pixel: 8
0x8394b040: Adding font resource '\Windows\cour.ttf'...
0x8394b040: **** Signature of FONT File is: '0100'...
0x8394b040: Adding font resource '\Windows\tahoma.ttf'...
0x8394b040: **** Signature of FONT File is: '0100'...
0x8394b040: Creating secondary frame buffer for POR and SaveBits

And the serial port will repeatedly report KITL error message:
0x6399FC5E: KITLSend(0): Timed out waiting for ack (AckExpected: 176, TxSeq: 

If I removed the LCD driver, the system can start up successfully.  And if I 
used POLLING mode in KITL, it can aslo run through with LCD driver. It seemed 
the LCD driver destroyed the KITL interruption processing.

Any suggestions on this issue?


Re: KITL is corrupted by LCD Driver

Postby Todd Krochta » Thu, 25 Nov 2004 05:12:26 GMT

What version are you running? 3.0,4.0,4.2,5.0???

Todd Krochta
Applied Data Systems

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I'm working on 6.0. I have unchecked 'KITL enable' and 'Kernel
Debugger' option in my workspace properties. Also the KITLIoctl call
in OEMInit is commented out. The message I'm getting on the serial
terminal is:

Jumping to image at 0x8000468C
Windows CE Kernel for ARM (Thumb Enabled) Built on Sep  6 2006 at
DCache: 64 sets, 4 ways, 32 line size, 8192 size
ICache: 128 sets, 4 ways, 32 line size, 16384 size

.. and then it remains stuck there. None of the drivers are loaded as
I don't get the RETAILMSGs put in the Init() routine of each driver.

This problem is not noticed in debug mode though. I believe that I'm
not able to disable KITL properly and some OS service is getting stuck
due to that in release mode.

Best Regards,

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"Dean Ramsier" wrote:

> You're probably confusing active/passive kitl with interrupt/polling based
> kitl.  Active kitl means kitl starts immediately when the device boots.
> Passive kitl means kitl doesn't start unless something starts it (debugger,
> for example).
> Polled and interrupt based kitl means exactly what they say, and yes polled
> kitl will be lower performance then interrupt driven.
> -- 
> Dean Ramsier - eMVP
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> > Hi,
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Hello again All

I've determined that the system seems to hang right after it enters
KernelInit. After trying it on an Renesas eval board, the very same
code runs fine and does not hang.

This is what the code looks like:
void KernelInit(void) 
#ifdef DEBUG
    lpWriteDebugStringFunc(TEXT("Windows CE KernelInit1\r\n"));
    /* setup the well known system API sets & API types */
    SystemAPISets[SH_WIN32] = &cinfWin32;
#ifdef DEBUG
    lpWriteDebugStringFunc(TEXT("Windows CE KernelInit2\r\n"));
On the debug output I get the first debug blurb, not the second. I am
not sure if it is hanging on the  lpWriteDebugStringFunc or assigning
SystemAPISets[SH_WIN32]. I'll experiment using an ice tomorrow and
putting a forever loop  in so I can see what this thing is doing, but
have any of you guys seen this before?

Another thing I don't quite get is that lpWriteDebugStringFunc is tied
to a function that send through the serial port - I monitor that using
a terminal program.
Isn't the debug screen of platform builder tied to the ethernet port
(UDP, I think)? Is perhaps what is normally routed to the serial
output switched somewhere to the ethernet port by the kernel? (does it
have that ability?)

Appreciate any input.

 XXXX@XXXXX.COM  (remcow) wrote in message :< XXXX@XXXXX.COM >...
> Hello all.
> I have a headless SH4 platform, and am attempting to get CE4.2 running
> on it. The hardware is brand new, so it could be a hardware problem of
> sorts.
> Basically, I get to a point in the debug where everything just stops.
> Don't get error messages at all and looking into the device with an
> ice it appears to still be running (it does not appear to totally step
> into the weeds).
> The following is the last portion of my debug dump.
> What would be a good place for me to look into? I am not positive on
> how the interrupts are tied from the 91c111 to the processor, but I
> don't think it is using interrupts at this point yet (they appear to
> be enabled later in the game)
> Appreciate any help.
> Regards,
> Remco
> /// debug dump from serial port
> Host connected
> Host IP:, port 2588
>  KeyIndex 0 = -1
>  KeyIndex 1 = -1
>  KeyIndex 2 = -1
>  KeyIndex 3 = -1
>  KeyIndex 4 = -1
>  KeyIndex 5 = -4194305
>  KeyIndex 6 = -4194305
>  KeyIndex 7 = -1
> +KITLRegisterDfltClient, service:0
> +KITLRegisterDfltClient, service:1
> KITLGlobalState == 0x61
> KITL Initialized
> Waiting for service 'DBGMSG' to connect..., fUseSysCalls = 0
> ProcessAdminMsg: Receive Config message for service DBGMSG
> ProcessAdminMsg: Receive Config message for service PPSH
> ProcessAdminMsg: Receive Config message for service DBGMSG
> SH3Init done.
> //// ethernet debug on platform builder
> My PC's debug shows:
> <only latter part shown>
>       0 PID:0 TID:0       IntrPrio[109] = 00000001
>       0 PID:0 TID:0       IntrPrio[110] = 00000001
>       0 PID:0 TID:0       IntrPrio[111] = 00000001
>       0 PID:0 TID:0 DMAUCR = 0x00020000
>       0 PID:0 TID:0 PHCR (before)= 0x003c
>       0 PID:0 TID:0 PHCR (after) = 0x0000
>       0 PID:0 TID:0 Booting Windows CE version 4.20 for (SH-4)
>       0 PID:0 TID:0 &pTOC = 8c057680, pTOC = 8d483ad4, pTOC->ulRamFree
> = 8d4bd000, MemForPT = 00000000
>       0 PID:0 TID:0 
> Old or invalid version stamp in kernel structures - starting clean!
>       0 PID:0 TID:0 Configuring: Primary pages: 11071, Secondary
> pages: 0, Filesystem pages = 5535
>       0 PID:0 TID:0 
> Booting kernel with clean memory configuration:
>       0 PID:0 TID:0 Memory Sections:
>       0 PID:0 TID:0 [0] : start: 8d4be000, extension: 00003000,
> length: 02b3f000
>       1 PID:0 TID:0 Windows CE KernelInit

5.KITL can't obtain IRQ for KITL device

Hi All,

I am trying to get the KITL to work through Serial Port on OMAP5910 based 
The boot loader connects to the host and downloads the WinCE image fine,
but when the image boots and tries to connect through KITL it hangs and I am 
not sure why.

Here is the output from the serial debug log:
ROMHDR at Address 01040044h
Image Start is 01040000
Image Length is 006669e0
Image Launch Addr is 01041000
Image ROMHDR is @ 0144e8a0

f_FlashImgLength= 00000000Branching to OEMSerialLaunch
OEMSerialLaunch:Image Start is 0x16a6de0
OEMSerialLaunch:Image Length is 0x6669e0

Waiting for JUMP Request from HOST..
header checksum fail
Received JUMP.
Launch Addr is 0x1041000
INFO:OALLogSetZones: g_oalLogMask: 0xb
Windows CE Kernel for ARM (Thumb Enabled) Built on Jun 24 2004 at 18:21:58
ProcessorType=0925  Revision=2
sp_abt=ffff5000 sp_irq=ffff2800 sp_undef=ffffc800 OEMAddressTable = 84041110

Windows CE 5.0 OAL library for OMAP1510 SleepMed (Sep 16 2006 13:08:51)
DCache: 256 sets, 2 ways, 16 line size, 8192 size
ICache: 512 sets, 2 ways, 16 line size, 16384 size
OEMInit: Invoking InitEMIF
Actual dwSignature = 0xDEAD1234
Expected Signature = 0xDEAD1234 or 0xDEAD1233
Booting Out of WinCe 5.0 Board
Actual dwSignature = 0xDEAD1234
Expected Signature = 0xDEAD1234 or 0xDEAD1233
Booting Out of WinCe 5.0 Board
INFO: OALKitlStart Found KITL_ARGS at 0xA4000034
DeviceId................. SLEEPMED
pArgs->flags............. 0x1
pArgs->devLoc.IfcType.... 0
pArgs->devLoc.LogicalLoc. 0xfffb0000
pArgs->devLoc.PhysicalLoc 0xfffb0000
pArgs->devLoc.Pin........ 0
pDevice->Name............ OMAPSERIAL
pDevice->ifcType......... 0
pDevice->id.............. 0xfffb0000
pDevice->resource........ 0
pDevice->type............ 1
pDevice->pDriver......... 0x846b6000
   pAddress = 0xABFB0000
   BaudRate = 0xE100
   DataBits = 0x8
   StopBits = 0x1
   Parity   = 0x0
Configuring serial port, IOBASE = 0xABFB0000
Serial port configured for transport
WARN: KITL can't obtain IRQ for KITL device
WARN: KITL will run in polling mode
WARN: KITL will run in polling mode1

Nothing is shown in Platform Builder debug window, after it seems to hang.
Does anyone have any idea or similar experience?


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