I can't debug in eVB

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I can't debug in eVB

Postby Jeff Pritchard » Sat, 23 Aug 2003 08:16:14 GMT

When I use Run > Start Debug it doesn't seem to work.

In a simple project, one form, one button to display a message, I place a
break point on the line of code to display to message. Then use Run > Start
Debug and the emulator opens, the app runs but on clicking the button it
just executes and does not stop at my break point.

I also get a message box that comes up before the emulator that say
'Connecting to remote device'. It has only a Cancel button and stays there a
while until it give me another message about not being able to connect. Why?


Re: I can't debug in eVB

Postby Jeff Pritchard » Sat, 23 Aug 2003 15:12:40 GMT

Hi Amit

Nope, doesn't work. This relates to the other stuff I talked to you about. I
am about at my wits end with this. It is so {*filter*}y illogical.

How can it run the app and ignore a breakpoint. Why this damn connecting
message. I have looked for an answer to this for hours. No damn setting that
makes any difference. I have worked in a number of environments but this one
takes the cake as far as pi...ng me off.



Re: I can't debug in eVB

Postby Amit » Sun, 24 Aug 2003 02:12:48 GMT

Try placing a breakpoint in the form load,see if it is working.



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