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  • 1. files Vibrate.h
    If I want use CEdit in program wtitten with embedded Visual C++ 4, the compilator gives an error unabled to locate vibrate.h. I looked for this file in PC, I do not have. Thank you for your help
  • 2. change screen resolution
    Hello! I'm very new in Windows CE .net and should configure a CE .net with the Platform Builder to run on a small-PC. This works well, but only in 640x480 Screen Resolution. Is it possible to change the screen resolution to 1280x1024? I'm using an VIA Board (on Board Graphic) with CE .NET 4.2 Drivers for that board. I haven't found an option in the platform builder. thank you very much! Patric Joos
  • 3. Windows CE .Net keyboard application
    We have a WebPad with Windows CE .Net 4.1. This device has four buttons which can be associated with applications. The problem is that we would like to associate the on screen keyboard to one of these buttons and we don't have a clue about the name of the application associated with the Windows CE .Net on screen keyboard. I'd be very grateful if someone could help us. Thanks in advance.
  • 4. Emulator and ActiveSync
    Hello, I got two question about Emulator : I am working with en eMbedded visual C++. I can start the emulator when i compile and upgrade the program on it with the ethernet but : 1) How i can start the emulator alone ? I have try to click on the emulator.exe program but it didn't start. 2) I can easily upgrade the emulator ( with my program ) via the ethernet NAT ( outgoing only ) into the comunication parametre for the startup server. But i want to do it with the ActiveSync 3.5. I have read that it is possible with a null modem cable ( i use it between my two serial COM3 and COM4 ) the communication on this cable is ok but ActiveSync never find the emulator with any parameters in the startup server configuration. How i can do work the emulator and ActivSync 3.5 ? Thanks for answhere. Regards.
  • 5. Can ISAPI be used to replace Server Side Includes in CE.NET web server?
    I am very new to CE.NET and need to find a way to replace a Server Side Include #exec operation with an ISAPI extension or filter. Is this even possible with the Windows CE.NET Web Server? Sincerely, Jim King

Where to find Help - very frustrated

Postby TWFyaw » Wed, 12 Oct 2005 02:10:03 GMT

Very frustrated,
Where can I find help as to why something (dll) works on Windows Mobile 2003 
SE but not on Windows Mobile 2005 (dll)?
My problem is with card services -
    it appears to load LoadLibrary(TEXT("PCMCIA.DLL"))))
    then use GetProcAddressW to get function address - they are not NULL
    functions always returns with errors in 2005 but not 2003
Can one call MS?  If so who and what is the number?
Do I need to do something different in registry?
Currently using
Do I need the security certificate? (I currently do not need one on 2003)
What Do I need to do to get a response? (I've posted on here several times 
in the last couple of months with no responses)

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