When are Addresses use in the bootup process(Which stage of BL or

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    I need to make my CE gadget appear as a USB keyboard to Windows XP. I already have USB working in the device and can also setup an active sync session with XP. But what do I do to act as a keyboard? I realize that I would have to forego the active sync capability as XP couldnt see me as 2 device as once - or could it? Thanks, in advance PS. My gadgte is built using PB 5.0
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    Hi, I built an NK.bin (Internet Appliance + USB host + USB function storage) in the debug mode and used ethernet to download the image to target. I see the debug messages on the debug window on PB. After some minutes the target hangs. I then excluded all USB components and download the image. Now target does not hang. Could it be a memory issue ? I have 64MB RAm and 20MB nk.bin. I dont have any debug messages when system hangs(freezes). Please help. Thanks in advance. Basu.

When are Addresses use in the bootup process(Which stage of BL or

Postby Z2FybGlj » Sun, 30 Mar 2008 23:06:00 GMT

Physical address of the peripherals are needed and used in WinCE BSP
Flash and Rom address are used in bootloader stage.

Is the two statement above correct, if not which stage are these address use

The binary for the Xilinix chip which fix the address of the peripherals can 
it be merge in the BSP

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