Migrating Windows CE.NET 4.2 to CE 5.0 on OMAP1510 platform

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    I, I can finally see my folder created by ipsm on my device.It can store files. But in my debug windows (modules and symbols) my psmfsd status is unload. Is it normal or if not how can I do to resolve that. Regards, Serge-Olivier
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    HI,All: how to use I2C functions which provided by Intel_DBPXA250 BSP in the file of iicdef.h eg. _saIIC_SetSlaveAddr(unsigned char,unsigned char); what's the meaning of the two parameters? and when Iwant to write data to a slave device,how to use these functions below do it? and how about read data from a slave device? void _saIIC_Init(GPIO_REGS *); unsigned char _saIIC_ReadByte(void); void _saIIC_WriteByte(unsigned char data); void _saIIC_SetSlaveAddr(unsigned char,unsigned char); void _saIIC_StopSeq(void); void _saIIC_StartSeq(void); void _saIIC_SetSCL(unsigned iSetHiLo); void _saIIC_SetSDA(unsigned iSetHiLo); void _saIIC_GetACK(void);
  • 3. NDIS loopback
    hi all, Need to know how do we set the NDIS miniport driver inWin CE to be in loopback mode always. thanks in advance,
  • 4. Uninstalling WinCE 4.2
    I don't understand why uninstalling WinCE4.2 takes such a long time ? Is there any smart ideas on how to get it out of your system faster ? I have a RTM version when installed on a new hard disk complains of no available processor when I click on New Platform. I could not find a way to add a processor support once I have installed CE4.2. Uninstall takes for ever argh..
  • 5. IOCTL_DISK_FORMAT_VOLUME constant in CE .NET 4.0
    The IOCTL_DISK_FORMAT_VOLUME constant, which is declared as #define IOCTL_DISK_FORMAT_VOLUME CTL_CODE (IOCTL_DISK_BASE, 0x0088, METHOD_BUFFERED, FILE_ANY_ACCESS) in diskio.h file is used in our PocketPC program. May be someone has the new Platform Builder for Windows CE .NET 4.0/4.2 to find out how is this variable declared on new platform? Or may be someone has the new version of diskio.h file? Please, help.

Re: Migrating Windows CE.NET 4.2 to CE 5.0 on OMAP1510 platform

Postby TWlncmF0aW5nIENFLk5FVCA0LjIgdG8gQ0UgNS4w » Thu, 09 Jun 2005 17:37:03 GMT


I feel that we are deviated from migrate problem or our discussion,

My problem is that initializing process is,
bootloader->startup()->kernelInit() will call the keepInit(),
InitMemoryPool(), ProceInit() and SchedInit() after that SystemStartupFunc().

In this process SchedInit() is get failed. What should shell I do?

Here is the SchedInit code, I copied from <drive

LPBYTE pStack;
#ifdef SHx
OEMCacheRangeFlush (0, 0, CACHE_SYNC_ALL);

// make cbNKCoProcRegSize multiple of 4
cbNKCoProcRegSize = (cbNKCoProcRegSize + 3) & ~3;
// check the debug register related values.
|| !pOEMSaveCoProcRegister
|| !pOEMRestoreCoProcRegister
|| !pOEMInitCoProcRegisterSavedArea) {
cbNKCoProcRegSize = fNKSaveCoProcReg = 0;
DEBUGMSG(ZONE_SCHEDULE,(TEXT("cbNKCoProcRegSize = %d, pSave = %8.8lx,
pRestore = %8.8lx\r\n"),
cbNKCoProcRegSize, pOEMSaveCoProcRegister,

if (OpenExecutable (L"nk.exe", &pCurProc->oe, 0, 0)) {
pCurProc->BasePtr = (LPVOID)pCurProc->e32.e32_vbase;
UpdateKmodVSize (&pCurProc->oe, &pCurProc->e32);
pStack =
// need to call DoVirtualAlloc directly to bypass stack check

DoVirtualAlloc(pStack+pCurProc->e32.e32_stackmax-PAGE_SIZE,PAGE_SIZE,MEM_COMMIT,PAGE_READWRITE, MEM_NOSTKCHK, 0);

DEBUGMSG(1,(TEXT("Scheduler: Do Virtual alloc is done\r\n")));
//Removable, msg by vadivel
DEBUGMSG(1,(TEXT("Scheduler: MDCreateThread starts...\r\n")));
//Removable, msg by vadivel
MDCreateThread(pCurThread, pStack, pCurProc->e32.e32_stackmax,
(LPVOID)SystemStartupFunc, 0, TH_KMODE, 0);
DEBUGMSG(ZONE_SCHEDULE,(TEXT("Scheduler: MDCreateThread done.\r\n")));
//Removable, msg by vadivel



In that I am getting the serial debug message output, upto
->"Scheduler: Do Virtual alloc is done"
->"Scheduler: MDCreateThread starts...".

After above message, suppose to come "Scheduler: MDCreateThread done" but it
is not coming.

Please can any one give me good suggestion/comment/solution how do I
processed further?

Thanks & Regards,

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