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  • 1. Does CE.NET support FAT32?
    Hi! I have strange problem with my HDD under CE.NET When I'm using FAT32 partition, WriteFile function hungs up on buffers, larger then aproximetly 500-600 bytes, when they are created from stack: f() { char buffer[1000]; WriteFile(...buffer...); <- hung up every time } but f() { char* buffer = new char[1000]; WriteFile(...buffer...); <- works fine } Using FAT16 partition (part size is 2Gb) I havnt any problems with disk writing! So question, does WINCE.NET support FAT32 correctly?? What is the difference for WriteFile function, if buffer is created from stack or from heap?? Strange... Thanks!
  • 2. language support files in windows ce?
    hello, recently I bought my own PPC(yeah! I develop on wince but I never use a PDA!) and it's a english machine but my mother tong is chinese. wince is a unicode OS and people are doing system file replace to enable chinese text display. all i can find online are end user ideas they are not working too well. I wonder if there is any professional ideas are here?
  • 3. video capture driver for CE.net, pocket pc 2003?
    we are trying to put a camera to our device, and my boss want to do video conference. I want to know does CE has a interface like video for windows?
  • 4. virtualalloc, virtualcopy, disable interrupt....
    hello, I'm having a strange problem connection xscale with a winbond lcd/camera controller chip. it has it's own chip select pin, communication is done by command register, data register, status register, and so on. only 7 registers are involved. the following step work virtualalloc, virtualcopy, write the chip's firmware into data register by a forloop. loop until the chip say ready issue camera shot command issue data read command wait for data ready from status register read data by forloop save to file, virtualfree the following step give me strange result. the resulting file is missing some data in the beginning........!! software #1 virtualalloc, virtualcopy, write the chip's firmware into data register by a forloop. loop until the chip say ready virtualfree software #2 virtualalloc, virtualcopy, issue camera shot command issue data read command wait for data ready from status register read data by forloop save to file, virtualfree chip manufacturer's FAE suggest disable RTC in software #2. I tried to add critical section in software #2, no luck so i want to know, is my concept of virtualalloc right?
  • 5. virtual driver help
    hi tech gurus, i have one real serial port and i m connecting a serial device to it. I intend to make a serial splitter type driver. so that two applications can simultaneously access the real serial port. in the sample source code it does not allow simultaeous open?? i was confused as to how can i proceed!! i m using pxa255 and wince.net4.2 i m a newbie so let me know how should i proceed. thanx

CE.NET 5.0 Korean Support

Postby deneb » Thu, 26 Jan 2006 10:01:51 GMT


after i read above article, i can watch Korean Character in my form
application that include label written with korean.

But I can't see korean in Internet Explore still.
I edited some registry items related to Codepage and international
things, but it dosen't work.

Is there anybody know how to watch korean in the internet explore??

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