Why there are two platform selections in EVC for only one SDK?

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    understand that 1) boot loader varies from device to devices 2) Normally with an WinCE evaluation board, they comes with BSP with documentment on how to get started 3) Script is completely custom and nonstandard. Need to contact whoever wrote for help, 1)There is no source or support on this board 2)Initially the board is running on proprietary OS not win CE, now i am porting it over to CE Extracting the CF data, i am thinking of replacing the initial kernel update.z with CE BSP.dll (.o) There are 4 files in CF card 1) Autorun.cmd 2) bootrom 3) config.xml 4) update.z : which is the proprietary OS. Asking help if i replace the update.z with the BSP (OAL,drivers), will the board still able to boot successfully. Right now, this is the strategy that i come out with, I am right now struggling to create the BSP.
    I have uesed the COMPILE_DEBUG macro by setting it in a command prompt window. Is it possible to set this in a SOURCES file? what would be the syntax?

Why there are two platform selections in EVC for only one SDK?

Postby ali88z@gmail.com » Thu, 16 Nov 2006 12:20:20 GMT

I build a emulator image in PB5, genetate an SDK and install it. Then I
build a project in EVC4 and find that I have three SDK:
STANDARDSDK_500, emulator1114 and emulator1114-STANDARDSDK_500. I can
use the last one to build the project, but if I use emulator1114 it
failed and the error is "LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file
'mfcs42d.lib'". What's the difference between emulator1114 and
emulator1114-STANDARDSDK_500? What are they used for?

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3.eVC cannot connect to SDK from Platform Builder

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When I use the SDK in eVC, eVC launches the emulator just fine (the
emulator's window appears), but eVC tries to connect for some goodly
time, but fails to connect.  

When I built the OS, I did not include KITL, since reading earlier
posts on this board indicating that KITL conflicts with the emulator
communication in eVC.

In "Configure Platform Manager" dialog, I selected "emulator startup
server" as the startup server.  The other selections in that drop-down
don't seem to work, either.

For Transport, I selected "TCP/IP Transport".

There must be something missing from the tutorial that I need to do
for the OS or SDK builds that will correct this problem, but I have
not been able to figure it out as yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

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to build each target and place it in a specific target directory.  All
is well ... sort of...

I noticed that when I switched SDKs, eVC++ had the wrong directories
for the tools under the Tools... menu.  So, I corrected the
directories.  However, when I change the SDK, I lose my corrected

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5.SDKs for EVC/VS2008 - aka sdk he$$

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4.  I add a custom SDK, and it shows up.  Very predictable.

However, when I add an SDK for the Symbol MC1000 (I think I have the
correct one, I'm targetting WinCE 4.2), the SDK never appears as a
target in EVC.  This situation leads me to a clip from another
discussion earlier in October:

>On Oct 17, 1:45 am, "Michel Verhagen (eMVP)" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:
> Yes, you can target CE 5.0 devices fromVisualStudio (05 or 08) just
> fine. Chris has been working on a native application, but you can also
> use VS for managed development targetted at CE 5.0 devices. No problem,
> *if* you have the right SDK for the device.

Michel - when you say "if" - are you referring to the fact that the
SDK must match the hardware, or is there some other subtle issue?

I have 5 Win CE targets installed: 2 custom targets for Win CE 4.2 and
5.0, Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5.0 for
Smartphone, and an SDK for a Symbol MC1000.

Now the SDKs are derived from an OS build targeting a specific slice
of h/w.  But is there anything in the SDK specific to an application
development tool?  For example, if my h/w vendor built an SDK for my
Win CE 5.0 target that works just fine with EVC 4.0, should it work
for VS 2008?

My understanding is that the SDKs should work with either - noting the
fact that the SDK is tied to the OS target.


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