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    Hi, I am using an x86 ICOP board and WinCE5.0. I have the USB Mass Storage Class installed and it is working almost all the time. I have noticed when connecting some USB Floppy devices (mainly YE-Data brand) on a long (15') USB extension cable they seem to stall. The USB port appears to have hung completely (it won't recognize any devices at all after that and the USB sniffer sees no traffic whatsoever) and there is only two ways to get it to recognize USB devices again, either reboot the ICOP board or connect a USB device on the other USB port. That seems to get something going in the USB host because now the device loads properly. I have not had any issues with any USB flash keys yet. I tried to do some debugging on this but so far I haven't gotten much in result. Have someone experienced this issue and may know what the problem is? Thank you, Daniel Johansson HAAS Automation

to MS: CE fails to stricly localise east-asian languages

Postby Ronald Sloot » Fri, 22 Aug 2003 11:18:07 GMT

When I choose 'strict localisation' with any of the east-asian languages my
CE build fails because two (so far) resources are missing:

    1) msgslang_qvga.res
    2) aygshell.res

In my opinion those should be provided by Microsoft. They are provided with
the 0404 and 0409 locales, not for the other ones. I am not too good at
translating to these languages, uhmmmm....

Can a MS respresentative respond to this ?

-- Ronald

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