Downloading BMP through CF card

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Downloading BMP through CF card

Postby Z2FybGlj » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 10:13:03 GMT

understand that 
1) boot loader varies from device to devices
2) Normally with an WinCE evaluation board, they comes with BSP with 
    on how to get started
3) Script is completely custom and nonstandard. Need to contact whoever 
wrote for help,

1)There is no source or support on this board
2)Initially the board is running on proprietary OS not win CE, now i am 
porting it over to CE

Extracting the CF data, i am thinking of replacing the initial kernel 
update.z with CE BSP.dll (.o)
There are 4 files in CF card
1) Autorun.cmd
2) bootrom
3) config.xml
4) update.z : which is the proprietary OS.
Asking help if i replace the update.z with the BSP (OAL,drivers), will the 
board still able to boot successfully.
Right now, this is the strategy that i come out with, I am right now 
struggling to create the BSP.

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1.Downloading the BMP through CF card

it need the board support Package to be downloaded.  I keep thinking kernel 
image [nk.bin] and [boot rom, bios] are downloaded at different times.

I am making amending by replacing update.z with WinCE BSP .dll .o file
If i put these 4 files in the CF card will the board boot up properly ???
1) autorun.cmd - start first
2) boot.rom - ascii bl common defining boot line parameter for the board
3) config.xml - i think it defines constants such as Rom size and address
4) update.z - thinking of replacing this with BSP .dll .o file

' format the strata flash
drive 1
drive 0
format !!!

' select the compact flash drive 
drive 1

' copy the firmware BSP file
'mount update.z
mount BSP.dll
drive 3
copy * 0

' copy the updated config file
drive 1
copy config.xml 0

' re-program the bootloader
drive 1
bootroot boot.rom


' wait for compact flash card to be removed
cflash detect 0

' reset the cv
////////////////////////////////End of autorun////////////////

///////////////////////////config XML////////////////////////
<?xml version = "1.0"?>

<config name="config1">
  <bootloader name="bootloader1" select="1">
    <application name="1" image="vm10153.rom"/>

  <hardware name="hardware1">
    <screen name="SCREEN"/>

    <cv2021serial name="COMdebug" PortNumber="0" baudrate="115200" />

<Option name="GpsOption" Sel="GpsSignav" Text="      ">
  <Object name="GpsSignav" Text="        ">

    <cv2021serial name="COMgps" PortNumber="5" baudrate="9600" />
    <NMEAGPS name="GPS" Serial="COMgps" OnChange="GPSOnChange" 
ReportOnTime="1000" ReportOnDistance="20" 
ModemResetCmds=""$PAUSA,002,,8,0,C,3,6,4.5,2,1","$PAUSA,004,,0,0122.00,N,10355.00,E,0032,M","$PAUSA,016,"" ReceiverID="4"/>


  <Object name="GpsMG5101" Text="        ">

    <cv2021serial name="COMgps" PortNumber="5" baudrate="4800" 
invertrx="false" inverttx="false" />
    <GPSMG5101 name="GPS" Serial="COMgps" OnChange="GPSOnChange" 
ReportOnTime="1000" ReportOnDistance="20"/>


<!--************************************** TV1021 module 
************************************** -->

<!-- ScanBusSerial configout: pprrrrttttBBff - port, receive, transmit, 
baud, flags 
baud: 0=9600, 1=300, 2=512, 3=600, 4=1200, 5=2400, 6=4800, 7=7200, 8=19200, 
9=38400, 10=57600
flags: 0=one stop bit, 8=two stop bits, 0=7 bits, 4=8 bits, 0=none 1=odd 

    <ScanBusNode name="tv1021" portnumber="6" NodeAddress="1" 
DataReserved="16" MaxBaudRate="1" MaxHDLCTransfer="200" ProcessTimeout="30" 
Description="Head unit..." Text="  ">
      <ScanBusSerial name="COMTouchScreen" node="tv1021" 
      <ScanBusSerial name="ComKB"          node="tv1021" 
      <ScanBusSerial name="COMTVB"         node="tv1021" 
      <ScanBusSerial name="ComTVC"         node="tv1021" 
      <ScanBusSerial name="ComTVTemp"      node="tv1021" 
ConfigOut="0600040001"/> <!-- 2 bytes per sample, temp in K -->
      <ScanBusSerial name="ComTVBL"        node="tv1021" 
ConfigOut="0700010002"/> <!-- 1 byte per sample -->

<!--************************************** Serial Module 
************************************** -->
   <ScanBusNode name="SerialExp" portnumber="7" NodeAddress="1" 
DataReserved="16" MaxBaudRate="1" MaxHDLCTransfer="200" ProcessTimeout="30" 
Description="Serial Expansion" Text="  ">

<!--************* Mobitex modem -->
      <ScanBusSerial name="COMnif" node="SerialExp" 
      <ScanBusPin name="PinDTRnif" node="SerialExp" ConfigOut="0883000080" />
      <ScanBusSerial name="COMrts" node="SerialExp" 
      <ScanBusSerial name="ComSerC" node="SerialExp" 

<!-- break on port 1 -->
      <ScanBusPin name="PinSerBK1" node="SerialExp" ConfigOut="0f83000080" />

<!-- control the serial board driver IC correctly -->
      <ScanBusPin name="COMpinDriverTEX0" node="SerialExp" 
ConfigOut="0a83000000" State="0"/> 
      <ScanBusPin name="COMpinDriverDTR0" node="SerialExp" 
ConfigOut="0983000080" State="1"/>


<!--************************************** Meter 
************************************** -->

    <Option name="MeterOption" Sel="MeterVirtual" Text="">
      <Object name="MeterVirtual" Text="">
        <Meter name="Meter" OnChange="MeterOnChange" /> 
      <Object name="MeterMetroLink" Text="">
        <ScanBusSerial name="ComMeter" node="tv1021" 
        <MetroLinkMeter name="Meter" Serial="COMMeter" 
OnChange="MeterOnChange" /> 
      <Object name="MeterDigitax" Text="">
        <ScanBusSerial name="ComMeter" node="tv1021" 
        <DigitaxMeter name="Meter" Serial="COMMeter" 
OnChange="MeterOnChange" OnAuthorisation="MeterOnAuthorisation"/> 

<!-- ************************************** Assorted Pins 
************************************** --> 
    <CV2021Pin name="PinLowPower"  Number="3" DownKey="&h0201" 
UpKey="&h0202" StateKey=""           Debounce="100" Phase="1" /> 
    <CV2021Pin name="PinAccessory" Number="4" DownKey="&h0203" 
UpKey="&h0204" StateKey=""           Debounce="100"           /> 
    <CV2021Pin name="PinAlarmPin"  Number="5" DownKey=""           
UpKey="&h0301" StateKey=""           Debounce="3000" Phase="0" /> 
    <CV2021Pin name="PinPWRButton" Number="6" DownKey=""           UpKey=""  
         StateKey="&h0110" Debounce="200"           /> 
    <CV2021Pin name="PinPowerDown" Number="7" Direction="2"/>

<!--************************************** Roof Sign 
************************************** -->
    <smrtroofsign name="RoofSign" serial="COMrts"/> 

<!--************************************** MobiTex 
************************************** -->
    <mobitexnif name="NIF" Serial="COMnif" OnRXRaw="NIFOnRXRaw" 
RemoteID="4100061" DTRPin="PinDTRnif"/>

<!--************************************** CV2021 inputs 
************************************** -->

<!--************************************** Script Interfaces 
************************************** -->

    <sbkeyboard name="Keyboard" serial="ComKB" />
    <mouse name="Mouse" serial="COMTouchScreen"/>
    <codec name="Codec" ModOutVol="0" SpkVol="+3"/>

  <smdl name="smdl1" select="001">
    <script name="001" main="app.xml">
      <filesystem name="script" filename="script11001.z"/>
      <filesystem name="fonts" filename="fonts11001.z"/>
      <filesystem name="audio" filename="audio11001.z"/>
      <filesystem name="pics" filename="pics11001.z"/>
      <filesystem name="custom" filename="tables11001.z"/>
      <filesystem name="adverts" filename="adverts11001.z"/>



2.unable to download video from CF card

Hi, I tried to download a video file from my CF card using Windows Media Player and I am getting an error message 80070017.  Unfortunatley this film is VERY important to me and I wondered if anyone was able to help.  The weird thing is that it will play back on the camera but not in my card reader.  If this matters at all I am using a Canon A70 and a Sandisk card reader,  This problem only happens when I use this card which is 128meg.  I have repeatly formated the card and nothing seems to make it work.........PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Signed a panacky lady   

3.Download CE image on a CF card

Sounds like you haven't tried anything.  How about just copying it to the 
card and making sure that your bootloader knows the drive number of the 
card?  You've told us absolutely nothing about the target system, either, so 
we can't really point you to source code to read or documentation.  Is it 
x86?  What BSP are you using?

Paul T.

"praf" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:uJpGg.27$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
>I need some directions from you guys. I have 2 computers one running 
>Platform Builder the other one the intended target for the OS. THe target 
>has a hard drive, but I want to boot CE from a CF card (the reader is 
>connected to the IDE channel). How can I transfer the bootable image to the 
>CF card? The platform builder computer has also a CF card reader. Does it 
>make sense what I am asking? I started to read the documentation but I am 
>totally at a loss with workspaces, catalogs and so on.
> Thanks for any help. 

4.Image download using CF card

My old board has no support from the vendor anymore and it is initially 
running on
prioprietary OS thus there is no BSP. It used to run on CF card. The files 
extracted are
1) autorun.cmd
2) boot.rom
3) config.xml
4) update.z  - my research shows that it is a unix compressed archive file

update.z should be the proprietary OS. If i replace the update.z with BSP, 
will the OS boots up properly?

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