Internet Explorer in Windows Ce 50 and .png-Files

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Internet Explorer in Windows Ce 50 and .png-Files

Postby TWF6em8 » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 18:51:02 GMT


I need to see .png-Files in the Internet Explorer in Windows Ce 5.0.

I added  the following Catalog Componets:
and Internet Explorer PNG Image Decoder

But it still does not work. I only can see a red cross. In the 
PlatformBuilder-Help it says, png is supportet with the Internet Explorer. 
What else can I try? Is there someting I miss?

Thanks for help,


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2.MPEG files in directory cause Explorer.exe to use 50% or 100% CPU

My PC was showing Explorer using 50 percent or 100 percent CPU usage for 
hours, even though th PC was doing nothing.

I've found various threads on the Internet on how to stop Explorer in XP 
going to 50% or 100% CPU usage if it finds a big AVI file.  I'm assuming it 
also happens for MPG files too because that's what happened to me.  The 
(probably non-Microsoft approved) fix is to change or delete the Default 
value for HKey_Classes_Root\SystemFileAssociations\.AVI\Shellex\Property 

I don't have a Default value in the Registry for MPG or MPEG files so 
apparently I shouldn't still have the problem.  But I do.

My "My Videos" folder contained 2 .MPG files, one 3.6GB and one 4.9GB.  
Whenever I displayed the contents of the folder, Explorer.exe used 50% of the 
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stayed high for literally hours.  I always ended up restarting the PC.

Note that I'm NOT right-clicking on the files.  I'm just displaying them.

Displaying the files in a MS Office 2007 Open File Dialog does not cause 
problems.  Displaying the files in the Open File dialog of VideoRedo TV Suite 
(a video editing suite) also has the problem.  Explorer and VideoRedo both 
use 50% each.

I 'fixed' the problem for myself by deleting the two files.  Now my machine 
runs well again. It was a very nasty week though.  I spent a lot of time 
searching for the cause of the problem.  Now I know most people can fix it by 
disabling some of the XP functionality.  That seems to be the wrong way to go 
about it though.

If this is a problem for many people, why is it still there?  If Explorer 
has a problem with a file, surely it shouldn't use huge amounts of CPU time 
for long periods of time.  Why doesn't it give up?  It's affecting the 
usability of the PC and, worse, may make people think they have a virus or a 
hopelessly corrupted system.  I know I did.

If it's a problem just waiting to happen for everyone, can we ask Microsoft 
to correct it?

Does anyone else get this problem?

XP Pro SP3
2GB Memory
Intel 6400 dual core
4 hard disks



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