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    Hi, I followed the these tutorials from the PB help system. They are good and explain much: 1. Using Platform Builder with the Emulator 2. Using Platform Builder with a CEPC 3. Creating a Feature and Adding it to a Platform However, I now want to add a feature to the CEPC, not the emulator. When I r-click "My Feature" in PB, I can't add it to the CEPC platform. Is this a limitation of the CEPC platform? The reason I want to do this is because I do not yet have the SBC we will be using for our project and I want to do some of the driver development work now while we are waiting for the SBC. My plan is to do this: Install the PCI card on the PC. Install a modified CEPC platform that contains some PCI bus enumeration applications Profile the PCI card (registers, memory space, IRQ, etc). Create a driver skeleton. Modify the CEPC platform to contain my driver skeleton dll. Work on getting the driver to load properly. Work on generic driver functionality until the SBC is delivered. Thanks, Nick.
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    Morning all, In house we have built an emulator image that our QA group is loading to run tests against our software with. This works great most of the time. We have had 2 instances though where we've uninstalled the Platform's SDK and reinstalled it only to find that the emulator will not come up afterwards. It comes up to a black screen. I've tried 'cleaning' the registry of any potentially left over entries, looked for rouge files left around from previous installs, etc. Nothing can bring the emulator back up on that machine. What am I missing? What can I do to get the emulator to come back up? Regards, Greg .
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    Hello anybody, I am porting WinCE.Net 4.2 to PDA. PDA spec.: CPU : PXA255 OS : WinCE.Net 4.2(Platform Builder 4.2) But, I have problem in IrDA(using STUART : SIR mode). When I send data(anyone), receiver(proved the other device) received one more character(0xff) at last. At HW_XSC1_TxIntrEx(...) in xsc1_16550.c, I inserted RETAILMSG in front of OUTB(...). RETAILMSG displayed correct message I sent. Absolutely, function doesn't send '0xff'. Who does send '0xff'? Does serial driver(about Ir mode) in PB4.2(XSC1BD) have probelm? Let me know where do I modify? Thanks.
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    Hi am stuck with this problem for quite a while now. Has anyone used WnetOpenEnum on Windows CE .NET? My code look like follows and GetLastError always returns 87 (Parameter is incorrect.) Can someone point out as to what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance. BV int main (void) { HANDLE hEnum = NULL; // first call, enumerate all resources (including containers) // starting at the root of the network if (WNetOpenEnum (RESOURCE_GLOBALNET, RESOURCETYPE_PRINT, 0, NULL, &hEnum) != NO_ERROR) { _tprintf (L"Error enumerating resources: % d\n", GetLastError()); return -1; } // Initiate recursive enumeration through all containers DisplayResources (hEnum); // Close enumeration WNetCloseEnum (hEnum); return 0; } /* main */

IDE CF Desperately slow under WinCE

Postby Colin Ringer » Wed, 26 May 2004 00:14:56 GMT

Ok, I'm still having trouble with the speed of 
reading/writing to Compact Flash under CE.

I have 2 completely seperate pieces of x86 hardware, one 
is a Geode SC2200 (GX1) the other is not much difference 
from a standard PC, both of which have an IDE Compact 
Flash slot.

Both units when running in DOS mode the speed of the CF 
is not very much different from that of a hard drive.

However when running under CE they slow down hugely, the 
situation is made many many times worse when lots of 
small files are being read from or written to the CF.

One of the units we are using also has a standard HDD (as 
well as the IDE CF) and we are not seeing any of these 
speed issues when on the HDD.

This leaves me to conclude that the problem lies with the 
CF driver part of CE.  What is in the CF part of the 
driver that makes so much difference and causing such a 
slow down?  

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we can do 
about this?

Re: IDE CF Desperately slow under WinCE

Postby Steve Maillet (eMVP) » Wed, 26 May 2004 00:33:35 GMT

Assuming this is a CF in TRUE IDE mode.
What version of Windows CE? Have you applied all available QFEs?

Steve Maillet (eMVP)

Re: IDE CF Desperately slow under WinCE

Postby anonymous » Wed, 26 May 2004 00:39:59 GMT

CE4.2 and I'm pretty certain all the QFEs have been 
applied, I went through them all a couple of weeks ago.

On both machines the CF is seen in the BIOS as an HDD on 
the IDE.

available QFEs?

Re: IDE CF Desperately slow under WinCE

Postby BillMar (eMVP) » Wed, 26 May 2004 02:56:23 GMT

This subject has got to be one of the most recurring newsgroup subjects of
all time.  Everyone was griping Microsoft didn't include a free IDE driver
before version 4.0, then it's not fast enough, etc.  Microsoft seems to be
listening, so see their atapi enhancements in their Version 5.0 Technology

The Windows CE 4.x atapi driver was never designed for speed (no large
read-ahead cache, no scatter/gather reordering, no assembler tricks, etc).
In the tradition of OEM adaptation kits, I'm told Microsoft originally
intended all driver source code in Platform Builder to be "sample code",
expecting each OEM to optimize it for their own circumstances.  It seems you
can't consider yourself a journeyman Windows CE driver engineer until you
rewrite your own atapi driver.

Most competent third-party system integrators offer an optimized atapi
driver as a value-add product.  Most low-cost board vendors simply include
the free Microsoft stuff with little or no additional value-add.  My
contribution to this problem had been to offer several "Missing Labs" in my
hands-on Windows CE training classes around the steps and features that
optimize disk performance.  What one learns trying to optimize the atapi
driver can be applied to many other drivers on a particular board
architecture.  You could learn to do this yourself in a few weeks since the
atapi technology is well documented and available.

William Mar
Special Computing

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