Implement Korean Chinese Japanese Fonts Locale Specific Support

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Implement Korean Chinese Japanese Fonts Locale Specific Support

Postby VB » Fri, 10 Oct 2003 01:25:01 GMT

Hello all,

I have some Questions I can figure out myself,

I added Agfa  Ac3 Compression to my device.
Why do I have Ac3 support twice in PB ? one in \Internationel\Locale
Specific Support\Agfa Ac3 and one in \Internationel\Locale Specific
Support\Korea\Agfa Ac3 ??
I am using PB 4.1

I added the SimSun Font and it is working very well on my device also
Japanese but not Korean.

I looked in the regestry while the device was running and under
i just found the entery for SimSun

"Courier New"="\\Windows\\simsun.ac3,NSimSun"

nothing about Japanese or about Korean

I think PB overwrote his own Reg settings, because in common.reg everything
is fine.

How can I add Korean support to CE?
thanks for help
best regards

Re: Implement Korean Chinese Japanese Fonts Locale Specific Support

Postby VB » Fri, 10 Oct 2003 20:04:24 GMT

Hello everyone,
I found out what was rong with the Korean Language. There was no gl_ce
entery in the common.reg just for the subsets that have other names.
I added the following by myself


      "Courier New"="\\Windows\\gl_ce.ttc,Gulim"
      "Times New Roman"="\\Windows\\gl_ce.ttc,Gulim"

      "Courier New"="\\Windows\\gl_ce.ac3,Gulim"
      "Times New Roman"="\\Windows\\gl_ce.ac3,Gulim"

so now just the Korean language is working.
how can I link more then one language?

best regards

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RE: Implement Korean Chinese Japanese Fonts Locale Specific Support

Postby tamars » Thu, 23 Oct 2003 06:44:06 GMT


1) The Agfa font compression/decompression support is supposed to be under 
each East Asian language- it is not a feature available to other locales at 
this time. So what you are seeing is just a bug in the Platform Builder 
If you go under an EA language and do not see the Agfa feature then just 
pull it in from the general location

2) Each image will only support 1 *.AC3 file.

3) Font linking data would be updated automatically based on the default 
local you used for the system- I assume you chose Simplified Chinese. You 
will see that the Common.reg in your Project directory accordingly does not 
have all the font linking you saw in the 
When you look at the common.reg in the WinCE...\ Public ...  you will 
notice that the font linking between the Latin based font and the East 
Asian font is the same across the different EA languages. This structure of 
course can not be kept at run time since there is a conflict - either you 
link Tahoma to SimSun or you link it to Gulim. 
The Common.reg file in your Project directory reflects the content of your 
specific project.

If you want to support linking between multiple EA languages you have to 
add the additional EA fonts to the linking mechanism so one EA font links 
to another

4) The current design of font linking is very simple, it does not take into 
account the shared CJK range so if you use font linking across more then 
one EA language the second EA language would display CJK range characters 
based on the first EA font (which is of course is not acceptable).

We are working on solutions for font linking across East Asia. 



Program Manager, Windows CE
Microsoft Corporation

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