SDMMC capacity problem?

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SDMMC capacity problem?

Postby Frankie » Tue, 05 Dec 2006 12:28:22 GMT

Why i got the different result from these two cases,after i plug-in a
2GB SD card "Properties" from "File" tab when SDMMC Disk folder is
selected, it show about 2GB free space can be used...

2.From control panel ->storage manager->Store info:DSK1:SD/MMC Card,
capacity only show 960.75MB

I don't know why make this different, is it driver issue or something
Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

Wince version: 4.2
SD Formatted to FAT32

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I've got problems with porting the sdmmc 1.x driver from WCE 4.2 to WCE
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Plz, help me.
Is it possible to port the sdmmc to WCE 5.x in a short time?
The below is the problem list.

[Problem List]
1. At first, I got some problems when I ported it at Debug mode. One of them
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    it didn't work again. But after building by releas mode, it seemed to
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2. Finally I found that a card was detected and I was able to see the folder,
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I've seen discussions about GetStorageID here before, but not exactly this 
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GetStorageID) the following check of buffer space fails:

if( cBytes < (sizeof(*psid)+SD_SIZEOF_STORAGE_ID) )

GetStorageID return ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER. cBytes is determined by 
COREOS\STORAGE\STOREMGR\store.cpp and is set to sizeof 
sizeof(*psid) is 16, so this check will fail. What should I do?

I'm using CE 5.0 on a Samsung s3c2410 platform.


Thank you!

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smoothly,But under the explorer,I can't see the SDMMC folder.

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