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Cirrus EDB9301 debug

Postby Derek Ou » Thu, 19 Aug 2004 05:14:32 GMT

hi, all,

I have problem debugging my EDB9301 Ethernet driver.  I build a industrial
control platform from the Cirrus BSP with FTP server, Telnet server and
802.3 support.  However, I can't ping, telnet and ftp this device using the
IP address.  I captured the network traffic and found that there is no
traffic from the chip after the CE RAM image downloaded.  Now I am trapped.

According to Cirrus BSP document, Ethernet NDIS driver can not be used
together with the debug Ethernet driver.  In order to use network features,
I have to disalbe KITL to include the Ethernet NDIS driver.  But without
KITL, I can not set breakpoints or see output messages.  I don't even know
whether the NDIS driver is loaded or not.  Also, I don't know whether CE is
running or not since there is no LCD.

What can I do now?  Change KITL to serial connection?

Thank you.

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This is my registry entry in platform.reg.



Does anyone know why I can't even ping the Target Board?  
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Cheers,  Andrew

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