Image download using CF card

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Image download using CF card

Postby Z2FybGlj » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 10:53:01 GMT

My old board has no support from the vendor anymore and it is initially 
running on
prioprietary OS thus there is no BSP. It used to run on CF card. The files 
extracted are
1) autorun.cmd
2) boot.rom
3) config.xml
4) update.z  - my research shows that it is a unix compressed archive file

update.z should be the proprietary OS. If i replace the update.z with BSP, 
will the OS boots up properly?

Re: Image download using CF card

Postby Dean Ramsier » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 23:06:01 GMT

Absolutely, positively, no.

Dean Ramsier - eMVP
BSQUARE Corporation

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1.Download CE image on a CF card

Sounds like you haven't tried anything.  How about just copying it to the 
card and making sure that your bootloader knows the drive number of the 
card?  You've told us absolutely nothing about the target system, either, so 
we can't really point you to source code to read or documentation.  Is it 
x86?  What BSP are you using?

Paul T.

"praf" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:uJpGg.27$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
>I need some directions from you guys. I have 2 computers one running 
>Platform Builder the other one the intended target for the OS. THe target 
>has a hard drive, but I want to boot CE from a CF card (the reader is 
>connected to the IDE channel). How can I transfer the bootable image to the 
>CF card? The platform builder computer has also a CF card reader. Does it 
>make sense what I am asking? I started to read the documentation but I am 
>totally at a loss with workspaces, catalogs and so on.
> Thanks for any help. 

2.'corrupted images' when using CF card reader

Hi there,

I've pretty throughly read through the threads covering problems with the 
Camera & Scanner Wizard, but couldn't find anything addressing this problem, 
I apologize if this has already been address elsewhere.

I have a Canon A80 and can download pictures no problem from the camera 
using the Canon software. But if I try to use my CF card reader (LaCie 
8-in-1) the images are corrupted (bads of incorrect colour). As I said I've 
tried all the 'Camera Wizard' fixes but still no luck. I am using XP home 
with SP2.

Thanks in advance,

3.How to identify CF storage card name with logical volume ( such as card created using ramdisk )

I have been doing some work similar to this.

You might try linking with storeapi.lib and using the FindFirstStore,
FindNExtStore, etc APIs.  Once you get a handle to the store you can call
GetSToreInfo and it will fill in a STOREINFO struct.  Here you can look at
the dwDeviceType member for the type of store.

Continuing with the handle to the store, you can call FindFirstPartition,
FindNextPartition, etc. to get a handle to a partition.  Once you have the
handle to the partition, you can call GetPartitionInfo and it will fill in a
PARTINFO structure.  Here you will find the volume name of the partition.

When using the above calls, you pass in a pointer to a struct (STOREINFO or
PARTINFO).  Make sure you set the cbSize variable to sizeof the structure
you are passing otherwise the call will fail with ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER.


pStoreInfo = (PSTOREINFO) LocalAlloc(LPTR, sizeof(STOREINFO));
if(pStoreInfo != NULL) {
   pStoreInfo->cbSize = sizeof(STOREINFO);
   GetStoreInfo(hStore, pStoreInfo);
   // do something with the information

However, I don't know how to hook the insertion notification.


"GnanaPrakash.R" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news:% XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> Hi All,
> How to get the volume name ( folder name ) of CF card once get inserted?
> to distinguish the volume name between CF card with logical card created
> using
> RAMDISK. Have anyone successfully got notification of SHCNE_MEDIAINSERTED?
> Plesae help me.
> Thanks,
> GP.

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