Error: the Input Media Format is Invalid

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    I am using Screen Capture settings and when I play it back it is blurred, please can anyone tell me why this is.
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    Hi, obeserved following problem under W2k (older 1,8 GHz PC) and actually identical under new system with XP (actual service pack installed): First (some weeks) the encoder runs as usual. Then (and what was changed are additionally installed programs, e.g. powerpoint, scannertools, and of course some video tools - which might be the reason) the encoder can be started BUT after giving in the sourcefile, the encoder "hangs" for several MINUTES before the next step is possible. This is repeated whith other inputs (e.g. after changing the size). So it needs at last about 10-15 minutes until one can start the encoding process. There are no error messages. The conversion itself then works properly. During the long waiting intervalls the task manager shows, that the CPU-load is about 2%, the harddisk also does nothing i.e. the whole 3,2GHz system indeed simply SLEEPS. One can observe (task manager) that the wmenc-task very slowly enhances the memory-account (about 0,2 MB per sec.) up to a final level of about 115MB - then this stops and the next input is allowed... I tested this with a short source file (ca. 70MB) but the memeory was enhanced again up to the level as described. I assume some conflicts with differnt video-codecs - but how to find out this without error messages and what to do to change this? Thanks
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    Hi all. Which is the best codec mpeg2 to use with windows media encoder? i want convert a mpeg2 video to wmv, i have power dvd 5, but, when it converts the video, it is very short in bytes and loss frames, 6 frames per second aprox, help please, how I solve that? greetings and thanks. Michael
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Error: the Input Media Format is Invalid

Postby looknow12 » Fri, 21 May 2004 03:09:10 GMT

I receive an Error: The Input Media Format is Invalid when 
trying to create new session to convert an AVI file to a 
Windwos Streaming Server file.

The AVI file information is as follows:
Height: 545
Width: 397
Duration: 0:00:33
Frame Rate: 15 Frames/second
Data Rate: 860kbps
Video Sample Size: 24 Bit
Video Compression: Cinepak Codec.

I can play this file in Windows Media Player but receive 
this error as soon as I save the session.

Please help.

Re: Error: the Input Media Format is Invalid

Postby Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media] » Fri, 21 May 2004 06:37:22 GMT

Those width / height values have to be even numbers for the encoder
codecs to quantize - its a basic limitation.

You'll need to resize fractionally, I'd try moving up to 580 x 420px
using say AVISynth or a smiliar program. It will then work fine ;-)

Cheers - Neil

On Wed, 19 May 2004 11:09:10 -0700, "looknow12"

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