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    Hi, I did a registry clean with REG Clean 1.4 and suddenly WMP 9 (Windows 98SE) can't find the codecs for WAV files! Other players still can play them. WMP can play Mp3's but WAV codec is missing. How do I get that codec back? I already uninstalled and reinstalled WMP 9. Thanks, Marcus
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    hello, my error message id is: 80040111 Windows Media Player has encountered an unknown error. i was trying to open a file but it would not let me. this is a common thing for my computer. is there anyhting i can do to fix this.? if anyone has a suggestion that would be great. thankyou for your time Danielle
  • 3. Given property not supported when ripping
    I purchased two new cds today. when i went to rip them on my hd using wmp 10, wma lossless, it stated "given property is not supported." i have ripped over 100 cds using this exact setting. any assistance would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.
  • 4. 0xC00D11AB - Burn CD Error Solved!
    I was getting this error: 0xC00D11AB whenever I attempted to burn in Windows Media Player 10. I tried many disks and two separate drives, at 1x speed to no avail. The only way to solve this problem was to remove the Nero Fast-Burn Plugin from Windows Media Player by clicking Tools->Plugins->Options, under Background Plugins don't just untick the Nero Plugin, select it and click the Remove button (it will not appear to have been removed until you restart Windows Media Player) Hope this helps someone else!!! P.S. Microsoft really needs to release a patch for Media Player that automatically disables this plugin, as people are going out and buying new Burners thinking it's their hardware!!
  • 5. automatically close media player when video finishes
    I'm making an interactive flash CD and I have a link to a wmv video. When I hit the link the video opens up in windows media player over top of my user interface. Is there a way when I make the wmv video or in the link to tell the media player to close when the video finishes?

add iTunes audio files (.m4a) to WMP library

Postby SXJlbmU » Fri, 21 Aug 2009 22:16:01 GMT

Does any one know how to add iTunes audio files (.m4a) into Windows Media 
Player's (WMP 11 for Vista64) library? Basically I would like to try using 
WMP to manage all my music libraries which was previously managed by iTunes.

All help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Re: add iTunes audio files (.m4a) to WMP library

Postby Tim De Baets » Fri, 21 Aug 2009 23:35:34 GMT

Download and install the plug-in at  http://www.**--****.com/ 


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