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    Windows Media 11 took music from one folder and created a new folder, updated the tags and album pic. I want to know how to undo the changes it made and put the files back into its original folder. I'm a DJ and have all my music organized by year and style of music. In stead of 50 music files in one file folder I have 50 files in 50 different file folders... Please can anyone help me out there?
  • 2. IE7 and WMP11
    I recently installed IE7 on Windows XP. This appeared to go OK although it now only works with the user account that I installed it with. Then went on to install WMP11. The install passes the validation OK, and then asks me to Exit Windows Media Player and all other programs before continuing setup. A quick ctrl-alt-del and it shows that the only programms running are IE7 and Windows Media Player 11 (which is the installation). So I select Next to proceed. The install gets to about 87% and then stops and tells me that it cannot complete Setup. The error it directs me to is 8007F00D for which there is no info. Does anyone have any ideas? I cannot find any info on the internet about this problem (although I see there are many). -- Even tried google but couldn't get an answer
  • 3. Windows Media Player no CD burner
    I recently upgraded to ver 11 and when I went to burn a CD I got the message "Connect a burner and restart the player." I have been burning CD's from my library for the past year without any porblems. I can burn CD's using Roxio and MusicMatch Jukebox but I would rather use Windows Media Player. Anyone know how I can get the CD burner back to the Media Player?
  • 4. it not working!!!
    it's says that i have encountered error 80040256.Where it could be that i don't have a sound card installed or the sound card is not installed correctly or another application is using the sound card??I have tried everything can you plese help me??
  • 5. Error C00D11CD when trying to rip music
    I got this error whilst trying to copy songs from my CDs to my Media Library. Anyone have any idea what I can do to correct this pleazzzz??! It comes up with a box saying "Windows Media Player has encountered an unknown error." It's Windows Media Player 9.0, and i'm using Windows 98. Any help will be very much appreciated. Cheers

add iTunes audio files (.m4a) to WMP library

Postby SXJlbmU » Fri, 21 Aug 2009 22:16:01 GMT

Does any one know how to add iTunes audio files (.m4a) into Windows Media 
Player's (WMP 11 for Vista64) library? Basically I would like to try using 
WMP to manage all my music libraries which was previously managed by iTunes.

All help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Re: add iTunes audio files (.m4a) to WMP library

Postby Tim De Baets » Fri, 21 Aug 2009 23:35:34 GMT

Download and install the plug-in at  http://www.**--****.com/ 


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