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    I have had Windows Media Player 11 installed on my computer since the update for it came needless to say I've been running it for quite some time with no problems.....then yesterday out of nowhere I started experiencing difficulties like it wasnt monitering any folders...and no matter what I did I couldnt get it to...well I was tryin to see if I could figure out why and I accidently rolled it back to Windows Media Player 10...and I have tried downloading Windoes Media Player 11 again hopeing it will work fine but I cant install it for some reason because an error message keeps poping up after i agree to the liscence agreement thing....its not a problem of validation because I click the Validate button and it goes to the user agreement step...then when i click I Accept it goes to another step where it says please wait....but then all of a sudden a box with a big red x on it intitled Windows Media Configuration Manager: An unexpected error has occured. Setup was not able to detect any Windows Media updates. Please Try Again Later. I am really getting frustrated at this point and I just want it to go back to Windows Media Player 11 and work fine...can someone please help me out??
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    My media sharing just stopped working one day, and as a result it seems, my player sometimes doesnt start unless I close it in Task Manager and restart it. I've used the options menu in the player to turn on sharing, went through the library tab, exhausted all options. The error message tells me that a setting or component has changed, when I click web help I recieve a series of instructions which I've followed time and again, yet I'm still stuck. Any advice?
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    I am using WMP Version 10, and have been for years. I have ripped thousands of CD's previously with no problems, however at the moment I am encountering an error message involving the Windows Device Manager. It tells me that I have different audio settings which clash (analog and digital) and that I need to clear the "Enable digital CD audio" box in the Device Manager. I have done this, however once this is cleared I can no longer hear any audio from any CD's I insert or music I have ripped. When I tick the box to enable digital CD audio and restart the computer, I can now hear the audio yet the error message comes up repeatedly and tells me it cannot rip the music due to incompatibility! I have no ideas on what else to try, and am confused as to why this has suddenly occurred.
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    i installed mp11 and now when I play a dvd i can see it but not hear it. However when i go to library i can still hear my mp3 files. And when i play games etc sound is fine. how can I get my dvd sound back? any ideas??
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    Media Player doesn't recognize my Sony NetMD burner portable device. Error states no device detected.

add iTunes audio files (.m4a) to WMP library

Postby SXJlbmU » Fri, 21 Aug 2009 22:16:01 GMT

Does any one know how to add iTunes audio files (.m4a) into Windows Media 
Player's (WMP 11 for Vista64) library? Basically I would like to try using 
WMP to manage all my music libraries which was previously managed by iTunes.

All help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Re: add iTunes audio files (.m4a) to WMP library

Postby Tim De Baets » Fri, 21 Aug 2009 23:35:34 GMT

Download and install the plug-in at  http://www.**--****.com/ 


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