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Delievering a license

Postby aXNjaHlydXM » Fri, 02 Feb 2007 16:26:01 GMT

I already have a license server and encoded/DRM'd content. I already have a 
working license delievery mechanism that delievers licenses via a browser and 
some scripting.

I am wanting to write an application that will download a DRM'd file, then 
obtain a license through my win forms application rather than through IE.

My question is ... 
1) How do I get the approptirate string for the 
WMRMOBJSLib.WMRMLicGenClass.ClientInfo property.


2) How do I register the license with the system's DRM in a win forms app?


3) Will the axWindowsMediaPlayer object I have in my win forms be able to 
play the file without needing any special configuraiton?

RE: Delievering a license

Postby aXNjaHlydXM » Fri, 02 Feb 2007 18:00:00 GMT

I found my own answers, I should have tried for a little bit longer.

To assist others with the same questions I'll answer my own questions.

Add a reference to the com object 'msnetobj 1.0 Type Library'. You can then 
get the information from:

            RMGetLicense rm = new RMGetLicense();
            drm_LicenseGenerate.ClientInfo = rm.GetSystemInfo();

Use the rm object above to register the license.

Nope, the file will play.

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