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    Hi, i am trying to modify the WMVCopy sample to save to a different file every x seconds. If i just create a new writer like this WCHAR* file = NULL; hr = m_pWriter->EndWriting(); m_pWriter->Release(); m_pWriterAdvanced->Release(); hr = this->CreateWriter(file); hr = CopyCodecInfo(); hr = m_pWriter->BeginWriting( ); i have exactly what i need, but when starting the video file, it takes a few seconds until the video frames are "complete". it looks like, only the moving parts on it are being refreshed. how can the writer be set to act like he does when starting to write to the first file ? i also tried to write decompressed samples at "OnSample" by setting a profile without compression. There i have audio, the picture is vertically mirrored, rather green and with a very bad quality. the best result i could get is, when i stop the reader, create a new writer and start the reader again. Here, i loose some seconds of the stream while the reader is buffering :( Is there another possibility for to do so, without really stopping the reader and not loosing any samples or getting other bad results like this ? Thanks so much for any help! Regards, Mirko
  • 2. Getting SourceUrl from IWMPMedia is too slowly
    We read the properties of more than 8000 files of a single playlist. The first time we read out the all properties getting SourceURL is too slowly. What is done internally getting the sourceurl? Can we prevent this phenomena? FWMPMediaItem := FWMPCurrentPlaylist.Item[Index]; SourceURL := FWMPMediaItem.getItemInfo('SourceURL'); // or we tried this too: //SourceURL := FWMPMediaItem.sourceURL;
  • 3. using IWMPPlayer4/MediaPlayerClass
    hi all i have posted a previous question,i have found some clue of that, i m supposed to use above mention interface/class but i have problem in both, i m using this code for interface, but dont know how to initialize that it gives object reference is not instance of object. WMPLib.IWMPPlayer4 player1=null; //what to assign there ? player1.enableContextMenu = false; player1.URL= "url.asx";; if error from first line is removed then it will work. ///second code. MediaPlayer.MediaPlayerClass clas = new MediaPlayerClass(); clas.BaseURL= "url.asx"; clas.Play(); //exception in this line CTL_E_ILLEGALFUNCTION CALL ? how to remove that there is not function to remove that.
  • 4. hi all i want to develop internet radio
    hi all i want to make toolbar with radio and C#.i have made a desktop application that plays radio using SDK active X controll, but i m not able to move that activex controll on toolbar so i have to rely on wmplib.dll to make radio,i have searched on internet about that no useful help is found i mean calling sequence and their function interfaces etc. tell me is that is possible to develop radio using wmplib.dll without SDK installed.
  • 5. IWMMetadataEditor Open() fails
    hello; I am trying to set metadata on a wma file on Vista. IWMMetadataEditor::Open() en IWMMetadataEditor2::OpenEx() fail. IWMMetadataEditor::Open() fails with error 0xc00d002f IWMMetadataEditor2::OpenEx() fails with E_INVALIDARG (filename is ok, and flags seems ok) Needless to say the file *seems* ok (it plays in media player). Interestingly, the metadataedit sample from the sdk fails with the same error, and when trying to change the attributes on file explorer (by using the "Remove properties and Personal information" link), I get a msg box fails with the same error. Since both sample, and vista, fail, it seems I am correct in approach but have either a problem with the wma file, or with vista. Access rights on the file seem ok, and the usuall reboot, etc was done. Any thoughts? Greetz Erik

remote server oject

Postby bWFzdGFy » Thu, 23 Nov 2006 06:58:02 GMT

Hi all 
I'm trying to create a remote server object on my WMServer (2003) but i dont 
seem to be able to get it work , 
can anyone help ? 


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