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    Hi! What plugin/decoder/??? should I create if I want Windows Media Player to play a custom audio format? As I understand, rendering-plugins are for this purpose, but have a limitation, that the audio file has to be encapsulated in the Windows Media Format, and should have a .wm extension. I don't want to modify my file, I want it to have a custom extension and don't want it to be encapsulated. TIA David
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    Hi Everyone, Wmvdmod.dll (version fault address 0x0007b8f2) is throwing an error that is causing my C# application to display a dialog box and then crash my program. This dll is a windows media player object that I have brought into my c# app using VS.NET 2003. Does anyone know what the problem could be? I have been told that there is an updated version of this dll, v2991 is there a way I can just get this DLL or do I have to go to WMP v10? Please, any help would be appreciated, Mark
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    Is there a way to programmatically remove the automatically generated playlists such as "Music played the most", "All pictures?" Also, is there a way stop them from being regenerated? Thanks, KC
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    Hi, I have created a WMV3 file using WMF 9.5. It runs fine on my development machine using Windows Media Player 10.0 but when I run it on an older machine with WMP 8.0, a portion of the output (a vertical band on the extreme right about 30 pixels wide) is garbled - it looks like a high frequency RGB pattern. (it also appears to flicker even when the last frame has been reached but I'm not sure if that is just the old tft screen). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Wurd.

remote server oject

Postby bWFzdGFy » Thu, 23 Nov 2006 06:58:02 GMT

Hi all 
I'm trying to create a remote server object on my WMServer (2003) but i dont 
seem to be able to get it work , 
can anyone help ? 


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