wmp 10 open video in separate window?


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  • 1. what do I need to use to open a file that is .rar?
    I use windows media player. I cannot open files with the extension .rar. Do I need to download something in order to use it? Please advise.Thanks.
  • 2. WMP11-Vista Video Problem
    WMP version 11.0.6000.6508. Vista Home Premium. WMP worked fine until about 3 weeks ago. Now when i play a video it is black and white, and with like a heavy grey filter over the video. I tried going back to an old restore point - no success. I wanted to uninstall and resinstall WMP, but it is not in the list of available apps in Control Panel uninstall. I downloaded the install files from Microsoft, but when i try to run them it tells me i have the latest version and it wont proceed. So i am running out of ideas. Does anyone know of this problem and has a fix. Otherwise, how do i reinstall WMP on a Vista machine. Thanks Dean
  • 3. Playing within a script
    I have a .BAT script that runs on a couple of XP boxes and on a couple of Vista boxes. I've tried to augment that .BAT to play some vid clips, and I have hit some snags. I want to continue the .BAT after each vid clip has been run, so I added commands like START /WAIT FILENAME.WMV to the .BAT script. Problems: 1.Is there a way to pass a param to WMPLAYER (or REALPLAYER) to close the window after FILENAME.WMV has finished playing? With either REAL or WM, the user must X-out of the player to return control to the .BAT file. I'm hoping for some command like START /WAIT "WMPLAYER FILENAME.WMV /RunThenDie", but I can't find a definition of the command line params for either WMPLAYER or REALPLAYER. Clues, people? 2.START /WAIT works as spec'ed on the XP boxes, but VISTA seems to ignore the /WAIT param. On both of the VISTA PCs, command extensions are enabled, but HELP START says this does not matter within a script. And, the problem happens with either REAL or WM. Help, anybody? 3.On one of the XP PCs, one of the .WMV files will not play with either REAL or WM; apparently due to a missing codec. Both of the .WMVs were made on the same PC with the M$ MovieMaker app; one .WMV works on all PCs and the other .WMV works on all but one.) How do I find out what codec is wanted, and where do I get it? ----- Thanks & Cheers, Bob
  • 4. WMP 11 on Vista Black Screen on ALL video formats
    I have vista and WM11 and can not view any video file. All video thumbnails display correctly in explorer, sound works, program opens and runs with out crashing. Here are some codec types that show up as a black screen. ASF(.wma/wmv) Windows Media Video V7 (codec status undetermined) ASF(.wma/wmv) Windows Media Video V9 (codec status undetermined) MPEG 1 (codec installed) Its obvious that my most basic windows codecs are hosed but I can not find anywhere to re-install them. I did not get the Vista CD from Dell... I have uninstalled and reinstalled all other video players besides WM11, what else can I do?

wmp 10 open video in separate window?

Postby Chris Eilersen » Sat, 14 May 2005 06:54:14 GMT

When watching movies from Cinemanow in wmp 9, a separate window opens and 
allows me to view in double or full-screen size. WMP 10 just opens the video 
in "Now Playing" and doesn't offer the same controls as WMP 9.

Also, the streaming doesn't seem near as good in WMP 10. Are there controls 
I can adjust in 10 to fix these issues?


RE: wmp 10 open video in separate window?

Postby S3Jpcw » Mon, 16 May 2005 04:50:02 GMT

Windows Media Player How-To:
Windows Media Player Advice:
Windows Media Player Support site: 
 http://www.**--****.com/ ;en-us;7021

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