Fresh Install of ADAM SP1 - Can't install without doing an upgrade



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Fresh Install of ADAM SP1 - Can't install without doing an upgrade

Postby Q3JhaWcgR2lsbW91cg » Fri, 10 Feb 2006 08:09:30 GMT

   I have been working with ADAM for a while and am about to install it for 
another client. I decided to use the SP1 version of the product as this seems 
to make sense. However, despite the documentation stating that you can 
install directly from the new binaries, I have been unable to do so with 
installing the old version first. The steps on the website are a fairly basic 
and refer to the wrong setup binary (adamsetup.exe rather than 
adaminstall.exe) so I don't trust it too much. 

I reviewed the documentation in the ADAM help file and the updated step by 
step guide. These both assume you are running R2. I have tested this onw 
Windows 2003 SP1 and on XP and each time I get prompts for the location of 
certain files and then the install fails.

Has anyone been able to successfully install ADAM interactively on Windows 
2003 SP1 that can provide some tips as to what I may be doing wrong? Do I 
need to go the unattended install route?

Craig Gilmour

Re: Fresh Install of ADAM SP1 - Can't install without doing an upgrade

Postby Dmitri Gavrilov [MSFT] » Fri, 10 Feb 2006 08:33:20 GMT

I have installed ADAM SP1 on w2k3 sp1 several hundred times.
What's the error that you get? What's in %windir%\debug\adaminstall.log?

Dmitri Gavrilov
SDE, DS Admin eXperience

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4.579: CabinetBuild complete
4.579: Num Ticks for Cabinet build : 0
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4.657: LoadFileQueues: SetupGetSourceFileLocation for halmacpi.dll failed: 
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11.375: DoInstallation: CustomizeCall failed : 0x643
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13.157: Message displayed to the user: Fatal error during installation.
13.157: User Input: OK
13.157: KB884032 installation did not complete.

Small Business Server 2003 has been partially updated and may not work 
13.813: Message displayed to the user: KB884032 installation did not 

Small Business Server 2003 has been partially updated and may not work 
13.813: User Input: OK
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13.813: Update.exe return code was masked to 0x643 for MSI custom action 

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to whether I need to install SP1 FIRST.  Most of the time an SP or update 
contains the previous updates, but I understand SP2 doesn't work this way.  
Is that correct?

I've scoured the threads and read similar questions, just not my exact 

We're not running Exchange but probably will eventually, so that has not 
been updated, I believe.

So my question is, am I ok the way it is (SP2 only) or I do I need SP1?  And 
if so, do I have to uninstall SP2 and then install SP1 or can I install SP1 
over the top of SP2?

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