Virtual Server File Shares



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    I wasn't sure what group to pose this question to. I have a client that would like to setup a test environment of select production servers for testing patches, updates, etc. Given they do not have a SAN, but they do have extra, identical hardware; is there a product out there that can mirror a production server to a server in a test environment? The mirror could then be broken to apply test patches and re-synced again for the next test... Automated Deployment Services can do this manually, but taking servers offline to create images isn't very realistic. Thanks in advance.
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    How do I set up my cluster so I can remote desktop to the virtual server - I know this can be done as I have been able to do it at my previous job (I didn't set it up though so I don't know how)
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    Hi, Currently we have two nodes running, both connecting to a SANs, with quorum on the shared disk. Just wondering for the third and four node, not connecting to the SANs, is it possible to add it in if I add it in using MNS quorum resource mode? My question is just to know whether can the nodes have a mixed of quorum mode? My boss insisted to stay with current setup and not buying anymore FCA for the other two nodes. Thus, i had to come up with this questions. = (

Virtual Server File Shares

Postby JSA » Thu, 30 Mar 2006 01:36:32 GMT

I have a 2 node cluster running W2K3 R2.  I have created 2 virtual servers 
on the same node that are mapped to different physical drives which map to 
different driver letters, different IPs, and different network names, .  I 
have also created different file share resources associated with each 
virtual server group.  When I access either virtual server via unc path, I 
see the shares associated with both virtual servers, where I would expect to 
only see the shares that are associated with the server that I am accessing. 
Is this behavior by design or is there reconfiguration needed?  Thanks


Re: Virtual Server File Shares

Postby Ramon Jimez [MVP] » Thu, 30 Mar 2006 02:17:32 GMT


It is by design because the File Shares are published by the PHYSICAL node 
who is currently owning the Virtual Server (Network Name, IP, Disk, Cluster 
File Shares)

So, the File shares, even though being defined at the Cluster associated to 
a virtual server, they are published through the Physical node under:



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s win2003 ext rc2 servers + 2 hba each connected to a hs4200 SAN (<-
this is where the quorum disk will reside)

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