ERROR 0x8007042b The Process Terminated Unexpectedly - Cannot Add



  • 1. Scripting Cluster 2003 (Computer Cluster Pack )
    Hi, I found some scripts on the TechNet site that allow you to do thing with the Job Scheduler. Justwhat i need. However; when I run them I get this error; C:\Scripts\CreateTaskSetPropertiesandAddtoJob.vbs(15, 1) Microsoft VBS ript runtime error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'Microsoft.ComputeCluster.Cluster' From my reading, I need the Computer Cluster Pack installed to use this. Yet I can't find it and my Cluster works fine in all other regards. So, what am I missing here? OldDog
  • 2. Windows 2008 Cluster + iSCSI
    Hi, We are testing Windows 2008 Cluster and using Microsoft Initiator, it works perfect in Windows 2003 but Windows 2008 Cant bring the storage online. The Cluster is running inside Hyper-V but its standard TCP and the storage can be used when mounted as standalone iSCSI drive. From eventlog: Cluster resource 'Cluster Disk 1' in clustered service or application 'Available Storage' failed. ----------------------- Marcin S.
  • 3. Windows 2008 clustering standard
    Now that 2008 uses a "witness" drive, is the Microsoft recommendation to use drive letter W: instead of Q: for quorum? Thanks.
  • 4. Single node cluster physical disk issue
    Hi All I am experiancing an issue with "Bring Online" a physical disk resource. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I have the following configuration: IBM xServer Mirrored 36GB C: on the internal array controller Mirrored 36GB J: on the internal array controller 2003 Ent. Single node cluster Local quarum on C: I have set up a group and assigned it an IP address and machine name. I can successfully create a physical disk but it fails when I attemp to "Bring Online". The Event log shows the following events: Source: ClusSvc Category: Physical Disk Resource Event ID: 1120 Description: The DLL associated with cluster disk resource 'Disk_J:' is attempting to change the drive letter parameters from '' to 'J ' in the server cluster database. If your restore database operation failed, this could be caused by the replacement of a quorum drive with a different partition layout from the original quorum drive at the time the database backup was made. If this is the case and you would like to use the new disk as the quorum drive, we suggest that you stop the Cluster disk service, change the drive letter(s) of this drive to '', start the Cluster disk service and retry the restore database procedure. I get 4 of the following Source: ClusSvc Category: Failover Mgr Event ID: 1069 Description: Cluster resource 'a' in Resource Group 'MFP5 Group' failed. Thanks for any help

ERROR 0x8007042b The Process Terminated Unexpectedly - Cannot Add

Postby cHBhZ2U » Wed, 27 Apr 2005 22:47:02 GMT

I can't add a node with a freshly installed 2003 Enterprise OS.  It bombs 
when it tries to start the Cluster Service on the incoming node.  Article 
890761 addresses this issue and reccommends a hotfix.  How can I get this 



Re: ERROR 0x8007042b The Process Terminated Unexpectedly - Cannot Add

Postby John Toner [MVP] » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 01:23:55 GMT

Call Microsoft and ask for it. It is a free call for hotfixes.


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