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  • 1. Scavenging & static IP server records?
    Hi Folks, We are going to be enabling scavenging soon and I was curious how it affects servers with static IPs which may be online for months. What mechanism does it use to validate those records are still good? This would include DC SRV records as well. Thank you.
  • 2. External DNS resolution fails
    Hello I started having a weird issue on a DNS server which doubles as my domain controller in 2003. It stops resolving external DNS queries. I have no problem with querying internal servers only external. If I restart the DNS service on that server it starts working but then eventually stops resolving after a short period of time. My backup DNS server appears to be handling all the requests when the primary is not working. The backup DNS server has been working consistently. I used nslookup to isolate the problem to that server. I have so far not been able to find any helpful info in the MS knowledgebase or other sources. Any help is greatly appreciated. -anthony -anthony
  • 3. Help with name resolution and wins
    Okay, I really just can't get anyone to give me a straight answer on this. They always want to side step my question and tell me other things and I really just need the answer to it because the scenario is entirely possible no matter how much testing I do. I upgrade an NT PDC to 2003. NT domain name was PROCESS-CTRL The 2003 domain name is Everything logs in just fine. However, for some reason, however unlikely it may be, I have go back to my NT domain. A few XP computers have already logged into the new domain. So now they're part of the domain. These computers of course will not log into the domain controller because they're looking for .ax and my NT domain doesn't have .ax on the end of it. However, all NT computers log right back into the dowgraded NT domain just fine. How do I resolve this problem? The large majority of the computes on my network (over 200) have windows 2000 on them. So if I have to downgrade for some reason, I would have to manually go take them out of the domain and then rejoin them. The few NT boxes we have would be fine though. So, is there any way to get the 2000 or XP machines to go back to the NT domain logins after they've already logged into an upgraded domain? (without manually setting each one of them back into the NT domain)

slowly slowly catchy DNS monkey

Postby Richard Passey » Tue, 12 Oct 2004 16:52:10 GMT

Hi All,

Just planning our upgrade from NT4 to 2003 (yes I know).

My thought was to install a standalone win2003 server first to run DNS, 
would getting the DNS running smoothly before upgrading my PDC/BDC to DCs be 
a good plan?

Its just I cant figure out a way to repoint all my current client to the new 
internal DNS quickly at the point of server AD upgrade.

I hope this makes sense.


Re: slowly slowly catchy DNS monkey

Postby Sharad Naik » Tue, 12 Oct 2004 17:57:11 GMT

Yes, it can be a good plan.

1. Run DNS on stand alone win 2003, and you can transfer zones from your
existing DNS, by first creating secondary zones and after replication
promoting them to primary zones.

2. Point the Win 2003 server to itself for DNS, and in the DNS server use
forwarder for internet resolution.

3. Then point the clients to win 2003 DNS.
Do not point any machine to ISP's DNS server, even as alternate DNS, only
point to win 2003 DNS.

When you are ready for promoting win 2003 to an AD,
in the DNS first add a primary forward lookup zone giving the fqdn of the
planned domain name. Allow dynamic updates for this zone and then run


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