cannot access print shares on w2k srver but can access directory s


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cannot access print shares on w2k srver but can access directory s

Postby c29lZmZpbmdlckBvcmFuZ2VidXJnY291bnR5Lm9yZw » Thu, 14 Apr 2005 09:13:02 GMT

I've got a server running windows 2000 server sp4.  It has a number directory 
and print shares.  I might add I got roped into a system that I've never 
worked on before. I can access the directory shares from any windows xp 
machine but when I go to access the printers I get the error 

"\\server\hplj4300 not accessible, you may not have permission to access 
this network resource"

I've tried removing the print shares and adding them back with no result.  
I've also tried removing the permissons for the printers and adding back.   
I've upgraded the serice pack from sp1 to sp4 with no result.  

Another thing I noticed is a cannot browse the shared resources on the 
server by typing in the unc path \\servername at the start/run prompt.  The 
only thing that comes up is blank window.   I able to shared access a 
directory resource by typing the unc path \\servername\sharename.  

Any ideas?  thanks in advance.

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Do you have Internet Protocol TCP/IP setup under Local 
Area Connections on both computers? And, IMHosts under its 

Did you go to Computer Management and do the folder 
sharing there?

Did you create duplicate accounts with duplicate passwords 
on each computer? Did you give all of those same 
permissions in Computer Management, there?

>-----Original Message-----
>I need to share a folder on a W2K Pro machine across a 
>small network.  I have added File and Printer Sharing to 
>the local area connection. I have also shared the folder 
>and given Everyone Full Permission. But I still cannot 
>the shared folder when I browse, nor can I type in 
>\\server\sharename to access it. Every time I try I get 
>the error message "Logon failure: the user has not been 
>granted the requested logon type at this computer." Any 
>suggestions or solutions? Thanks.

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I've recently installed Windows XP Professional (SP3) on my main 
development machine, all the other computers in my home network are running 
Windows 2000.

Since then, I'm unable to access any administrative share of the XP machine 
from any other W2000 machine.

Normally, I just create a new network connection, point it to \\192.168.1.x
\c$ (or any other drive I might need), and enter the name and password (if 
needed). Most of the times, the last step is not needed because the more 
recent machines have the same user/password as my main machine. Only the 
DMZs and the older machines have other user/password combinations.

Of course, the default Windows firewall has been disabled, so that should 
not be an issue.

I've even tried changing the username to \\machine\username and other 
variations, but I'm still unable to connect.

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Thanks very much,


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XP computers ( 1 Pro, the other home edition).   I did not have a problem 
until recently.  The XP computers have no problem accessing the internet, 
and I have installed and used a printer shared from the Vista system on the 
XP home edition computer.  I cannot access or even see the shared folders on 
the Vista system. When either xp system expands My Network Places->Entire 
Network->Microsoft Windows Network->workgroup  all of the connected pcs are 
displayed, clicking on the +next to the Vista's systemname makes the + 
disappear, and clicking on the name gets the following error message " \\ 
Martins-new-pc is not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this 
network resource.  Contact the administrator of this server to find out if 
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shares about two weeks ago andbefore that with no problem.  In the interim I 
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updates.  I feel that there is probably a simple solution since ICS and 
printer sharing are working fine.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Martins Gulbis 

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