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  • 1. migrate stand-alone root CA
    Hi all, Is there any way to migrate from stand-alone root CA to a enterprise root ca?
  • 2. Turning things off
    Anyone know how to change either of the following? If you leave 2003 server idle it will go into log off mode. Is there any way to remove or extend the time for this? When you try to reboot 2003 it asks you why is there a way to just restart?
  • 3. Application Installs
    Has anyone seen this before? I have a W2K3 Standalone server with all of the latest updates. We are not able to install any applications on this server. It is running IIS and Commerce Server 2002 SP2. We first noticed that we could not run installs while trying to install the Office 2003 Web Controls, they would not install and the error was "installation ended prematurely because of an error". Not very helpful to say the least. So we tried to install all of Office 2003 and that failed with no errors at all, nothing in the Event Logs either. Next time was trying to install WebTrends Cookie Plugin. This installed successfully on another 2003 Server so we know it can be installed. It starts the Install Wizard and when we click install it looks like it wants to install but ends in an error to try the install later. Then running Windows Update it downloads the files but then just sits there and does not install the updates. Very strange. There are no errors, warnings or information in the Event Logs. We have rebooted the server several times, completely disabled AV software, stopped unnecesary services, and even some necessary ones. Removed all registry entries relating to Office installs. Is it possible that the MSInstaller is corrupt? Anyone? Mike
  • 4. read,modify permissions
    Hello folks....I am trying to find away to allow users to modify a particular folder/file but deny them the ability to add or remove folders from AD. We are experiencing some issues with this at my company. Modify allows them to remove folders....if I remove modify they can't get the access they need. Just want to prevent all user from adding/deleting folders and files. Any suggestions appreciated. Jill
  • 5. 2003Eserver won't shut down
    I have a Dell PowerEdge 4300 with Win2003 Enterprise server that I'm using as test bed to migrate from NDS to AD. The beef that I'm having is that it will not shut down properly and gracefuly. When I use the shutdown sequence (start, shutdown, ...) it hangs on a gray screen with nothing more than the mouse cursor. After many minutes (10-15) I have to physically power it down. The OS is fully patched and so is the hardware (I even have the Dell server bios specific for win2003 servers). I have searched the Dell and MS sites with no success. Any ideas? Many thanks.

Server Resources

Postby Willis » Sat, 05 Jun 2010 19:39:06 GMT

Is there a way to determine how much resources a network user is consuming 
in real time on a 2003 server?  Every now and then our disk I/O shoots up 
and while I can see open files and sessions, I can't determine who is 
triggering it.  I'm thinking someone is running a search on a shared drive. 

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