Lun number greater than 255



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Lun number greater than 255

Postby TmlraGls » Fri, 15 Feb 2008 05:21:03 GMT


Does any version of Windows (e.g Longhorn, Windows XP etc) supports lun 
number greater than 255? Can windows see more than 256 luns?


Re: Lun number greater than 255

Postby Edwin vMierlo [MVP] » Sat, 16 Feb 2008 20:44:05 GMT

not sure about Windows 2008, but will post back later on that.

Windows (2003) can see from LUN 0 to LUN 255 per target

If you have a SAN, the zone in your HBA to another target and yet again you
can see LUN 0 to LUN 255
(we are now up to 512)

Repeat this, and you can have 16 targets per bus (bus being the HBA)
(now we are up to 4096 LUNS)

Add in a second HBA, and now we are on 8192 disks

Obviously when those numbers get really big there is a lot of other
considerations, not just LUN addressing

So, 256 LUNs per target, but you are not limited on targets

hope this helps

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