Exchange and network connectivity



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Exchange and network connectivity

Postby U0YgRGF2ZQ » Mon, 13 Nov 2006 23:54:01 GMT

Question re: Exchange and network connectivity.
Exchange server 2003 SP2 is located physically in a different location in a 
colocation facility. It is on a different domain that hosts the company web 
presence. DNS forwarders are set to the hosting company DNS servers.
One internal domain that forwards to an ISP's DNS. Internally PCs have a 
host table entry that points to the colocation Exchange server internal IP 
(192.168.1.X). It is located on a different subnet address and connected via 
The problem is that some laptops users cannot connect to email when working 
remotely due to the internal IP address entry in Hosts. That's because from 
outside there is a public interface. The work around is to have them use the 
public IP address. This works, but seems clumsy. Surely, others have 
encountered this. 

Any ideas? Is there a DNS solution to this? 

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My exchange server looses it's connection with the 
Primary Domain Controller every 15minutes. In the event 
log the first error that occurs is 5719. 

When I restart the server the exchange is back up for 
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What can we try to resolve this problem.

We are running Windows 2003 standard as the AD server and 
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cables from docking stations, some wireless).

When the users are home (including myself), we cannot get connected to our
Exchange 2K system via Outlook 2003 (uses Checkpoint VPN solution) with 
new laptops (wireless or fixed network)!  All other access is great, I can
remote console to systems in our corporate network from home, I can connect
to shares (even on the Exchange system itself), I can run OWA, just no
connection to Outlook 2003 (displays "Trying to connect" for a while, then

Here's what does work:
- Some of the users have desktops at home that work fine with the EXACT same
versions of the software (Windows XP Pro, Office 2K3 (with offline storage
like the laptops), Checkpoint VPN, etc.);
- If I use a different wireless network (like several unsecured networks in
our local area and at home), it works fine!

The firewall logs do not show anything out of the ordinary!

Anyone have suggestions and or solutions that I can try?


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Exchange 5.5 running Windows server 4, which is a DC as well. I just need to
know which tool can I use to test for network connectivity and others on my
Windows NT 4 server (domain controller)?

Can I install the tools from Windows 2000 CD into my Windows NT server 4
(would this crash my NT 4 server)? or is there another alternative?



P.S I followed the steps from Q316886



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