Configuring server for dial in users



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Configuring server for dial in users

Postby bezvezej » Thu, 10 Mar 2005 15:46:58 GMT


I have WIN2K server machine with DHCP, DNS, and ISA server fo
connecting internal users to INTERNET. Now I want to establish dia
in connection through RRAS for external users(modem dial u
connection) to go to INTERNET. I configured RRAS with defaul
settings, but all I can do is to connect to the network via dial up
Surfing through ISA is not possible.

Can somebody help me, or even give me some idea for solving th

Thank you in advanc

Re: Configuring server for dial in users

Postby Bill Grant » Fri, 11 Mar 2005 08:35:16 GMT

    It really depends on how you are using ISA. Do your LAN clients access 
the Internet using proxy server in ISA or do they use Secure NAT?

    For a remote client to use the proxy server, you must configure the 
proxy settings in the client's connection properties. The settings are 
connection specific. Go to Internet Options, select the dialup connection 
and put the proxy settings in there.

    For NAT it should work. There is a problem if RRAS and NAT are running 
on the same server. See KB310888.

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