Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup



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Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup

Postby DrewM » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 07:07:11 GMT

I've just reinstalled my 2003 server after yet another AD corruption. 
Booting the fresh install was fine. I performed a Windows Update, 
rebooted, installed AD and rebooted again.

Now, every time my server starts up, it causes my adsl router to stop 
responding to any network requests. Can't even ping it. If I shut the 
server down and power-cycle the router, all is fine again, and will 
remain so until I start the server up again.

The only things different about this install to the last are:

- using different FQDN
- using 2000 mixed mode instead of 2003 native, to ease SAMBA issues

The router is set as the server's default gateway.

Things I've tried so far are:

- verified that they're both using valid, distinct IP addresses
- confirmed that DHCP server isn't running, to avoid IP# conflicts
- rebooted in Safe Mode with Networking, problem still occurs

I'm about to try in Safe Mode (no networking) to see if that causes the 
problem too. As it kills my internet connection, I wanted to post this 
first ;)

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I can't think of any legitimate network 
operation that causes complete death to another device.

Many thanks,


Re: Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup

Postby Kristofer Gafvert » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 07:11:21 GMT


Is it possible that you are infected by a virus that floods the network?

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Re: Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup

Postby DrewM » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 07:17:30 GMT

I certainly couldn't rule that out 100%. Although I'd class it as 
unlikely. I'll run a scan.

Booting into Safe Mode with no networking doesn't cause a problem (as 

Re: Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup

Postby DrewM » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 07:33:54 GMT

After running some tests, I can't find anything to support that hypothesis.

Any other suggestions?

Re: Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup

Postby Gino » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 15:02:13 GMT

I would boot the server up with the Ethrnet cable disconnected, connect it
and then monitor the Nic status that shows sent and received packets. If
your server starts sending out high volums of traffic for no reason you are
infected. Just because a scan comes up neg dosn't mean that your server
CAN'T be infected. If you just rebuilt your server and connected to the
internet to apply the patches, you'll never make it. Your server will become
infected before you get the patches applied. And once infected the patches
don't do anything.

Re: Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup

Postby DrewM » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 20:33:00 GMT

I tried monitoring this from the router, and could see no unusual 
increase in traffic before the router died.

Other than the test described, is there a reliable way to detect whether 
the machine is infected?

This may sound stupid, but how can I patch the server without going to 
get the patches? The only approach I can think of is to install linux on 
the server first, download the patches somehow, burn them onto a CD, 
reinstall with Windows and install the patches. Not ideal.

Also, whatever it is that is infecting the machine would have to get 
through a hardwire filewall (on total lock-down) and router, and be 
totally dependent on Active Directory. When I uninstall AD, the problem 


Re: Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup

Postby Michael Holzemer » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 00:14:32 GMT

In item <%23gg3zD4$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,
DrewM says...

Does the router have logging? Also is your FQDN the same as a registered one on
the internet? Is you AD server also the DNS server for itself?
The router log should show you the traffic attempting to pass through it. You
said you only have the issue when you install AD. Just for clairity are you
using a FQDN like mydomain.domain or something someone else may own like Is your DNS server for the domain external to you? If so you will
have issues with srv records AD needs.


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Re: Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup

Postby DrewM » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 01:22:13 GMT

Unfortunately, no.

Yes, I'm using, where is registered and 
under my control at our ISP. I've set up an A record for 'office' within 
that zone to point to the IP address our adsl uses

Yes. With forwarders to our ISPs DNS servers., registered to us.

Yup, it's at our ISP, on the other side of a locked-down firewall, and 
is running linux.

... so, how *should* I do this? To be honest, I'd be happy using an old 
NT4 style single word domain name, but the installer gives dire warnings 
against this. I assume it should be possible to run as without needing to host our own public DNS servers.

thanks for your time.


Re: Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup

Postby Phillip Windell » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 02:46:03 GMT

I think it is the combination of patches installed via Windows Update.  It
wouldn't be the first time I have seen a combination of patches{*filter*}things
up,...for that matter I have seen plenty screwed up by just one patch, let
alone a combination of them. Those fairly recent RPC patches for example
stop the older MS Proxy2 dead in its tracks, the solution is to not install
those patches and to take other measures to protect the machine from the RPC

I never use Windows Update, I don't trust dumping all those patches on a
machine. I always have the SPs and patches that I have "hand picked" burned
onto a CD, then when I build the machine I apply the patches from a the CD
before I expose the machine to the Internet.  After that I apply only
patches that I trust and feel that they are "must-haves" and I don't worry
about the rest, is better to wait until a full Service Pack comes out.

If you read the "mitigating circumstances" listed for the different
vulnerabilities you will find that the situation doesn't apply to most
machines on a private network behind a firewall or proxy that isn't exposed
directly to the Internet.  You just have to decide which applies to your

Phillip Windell [MCP, MVP, CCNA]

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Re: Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup

Postby sharad » Thu, 04 Mar 2004 11:19:49 GMT

ello Drew:
You can't use the external DNS linux based for your AD, especially behing
firewall / routers. And there is
no need either!!!
I would suggest the first thing you do is change the
FQDN from to something else
it must not be a single label domain name doesn't mean that it must be a
registered domain name.
You can for example chose FQDN as : office.loc
(.loc indicating local server.) or mycomany.comp
(comp indicating comany)
You can chose anything except the Registred Domain name (and make sure that
the one you chose will not be
a regitered domain of someone else. So best is choose
comany.loc of office.loc)
Once you decide the FQDN as above, do as follows.
1. Run DCPROMO to uninstall the AD and then reboot. (During AD uninstall
process chose this is the
last DC in the domain, to make it a stand alone server.)
2. Un install DNS server, and reboot.
3. After reboot on the NIC TCP/IP properties make sure that primary DNS
points to itself.
then run dcpromo again to install AD. Give FQDN company.loc etc. as
chosen by you.
4. First it will give you error no DNS server available etc. and will give
you options
'I have correct problem Retry' and 'Install DNS'. Chose "Install DNS option"
and it will install DNS also nicely.
5. After dcpromo is completed and machine rebooted, point the default
gateway to the
router, enter the forwarders in the DNS maager. Do not try internet yet.
6. Since your win 2003 server is behing router and firewall, you will have
to disable
EDNS0 Probes of win 20003 DNS (which are enabled by default.) to do this:
first you must install Support Tools from Win 2003 CD on the
Inster win 2003 CD, browse the CD, go to
\Support\Tools folder and double click on 'suptools.msi '
After support tools are installed REBOOT the server.
After rebooting, go to command prompt and type (or copy and paste) following
dnscmd /Config /EnableEDnsProbes 0
7.Client machines must join the domain? then on each client machine
the primay DNS server must be set to server IP address and Default
Gate Way can be set to the Router IP address.

8. Also remove the A record "Office" wich you have set up on ISP's DNS.


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Re: Windows Server 2003 killing adsl router on startup

Postby DrewM » Thu, 04 Mar 2004 19:36:00 GMT

<snip detailed instructions>

Sharad - thanks ever so much. That's going to be really helpful.


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