run process under another account from process running under "local system account"



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run process under another account from process running under "local system account"

Postby Michal Valent » Sun, 25 Jan 2009 00:25:30 GMT

please, can anybody help me to find out if is it possible to
run process under another account from process running under "local system 
account" ?

For example MSSQLSERVER trigger is running under "local system account"
and is firing javascript which ought to run under "domain\user" account.

thank you

Re: run process under another account from process running under "local system account"

Postby Al Dunbar » Sun, 25 Jan 2009 03:24:16 GMT

One process can certainly launch a new process under the credentials of 
another user. The method would depend on the nature of these processes. In 
the simplest case, any account with sufficient privileges to create a 
scheduled task can create a task with alternate credentials.

Under some circumstances, a single process can do some of its work with 
alternate credentials, however, this is somewhat limited by the available 
tools. For example, one can map a share under alternate credentials, and 
perform folder and file management on the share as if it had the privileges 

In what context is "MSSQLSERVER trigger" running - as a service, scheduled 
task, interactive session, or something else?

And in what mode(s) can the javascript run?


Re: run process under another account from process running under "local system account"

Postby Michal Valent » Tue, 27 Jan 2009 18:41:20 GMT

> In what context is "MSSQLSERVER trigger" running - as a service, scheduled 

The "MSSQLSERVER trigger" running - as a service

The javascript is fired  from the trigger :

CREATE TRIGGER [myUpdate] ON [dbo].[myTable]

IF UPDATE ( myCol )


 DECLARE @cmd as varchar(1000)
 declare @myColVal as varchar(20)
 declare @myTS as varchar(30)

 SET @myColVal = (SELECT myCol FROM inserted)
 SET @myTS = (select convert(varchar(30), getdate(), 121))
 SET @myTS = REPLACE(@myTS, ' ', '_')

 SET @cmd = '"C:\myScripts\myCallsToWebServices.js" '
+ @myColVal + ' ' + @myTS
 EXEC master..xp_cmdshell @cmd


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