Why can we only ever get one user logged on via TS

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  • 1. TS on PPC WM5.0
    Hi I as wondering if there is a tutorial on how to connect to a server via Terminal Services, via a PPC running WM5.0. On the screen, it prompts me to enter a Server, which I assume is the IP address of the computer that I wish to connect to, but and then I select connect, is there anything else that I need to do, since it errors and just says the connection the server has timed out? Kind Regards RickyP
  • 2. Dell AIO Printer A920 redirection
    Hello! I have Googled for an hour or so looking for a solution to Dell AIO inkjet printers that do not work in a 2003 TS session, to no avail. Posters have mentioned that many different versions of the Dell AIO printers appear to map and appear to have print jobs sent to them, but get no output. My situation is a "Dell AIO Printer A920" inkjet printer. It gets mapped by the TS Fallback Driver as an HP DeskJet 500. It shows up in the printer list in a TS session, and when a print job is sent to it, the remote system's Dell print monitor software shows the job is received, says it is printing, and then nothing happens. I disabled the Fallback Driver and mapped it to an HP DeskJet 855C and a LaserJet 4 (per an old post from Vera Noest), which still fails. I have no problem with HP and Epson printers working via TS. Are these Dell AIO printers just incompatible with TS? Thank you for your time! Gregg Hill
  • 3. Need Printer Recommendation
    I have a small Cannon IP90 that is the perfect physical size and is very quiet. I would like to install it as a printer under Windows 2003 so that I can share it from the workstation running windows XP Pro that it is attached to and use it from windows 2003 terminal services sessions,. However, I have past experience with incompatible printer drivers causing major propblems on trminal services and therfore I am hesitant to install this since I cannot find this printer on any form of compatability list for Windows 2003 Terminal Services. Can anyone out there give me a recommendation on a very small apprxox 3" high, 12" wide, 12" deep printer that is very quiet that they have hooked up to an XP Pro PC and used from a terminal server session without problems??? Also, what is the BEST source for printer compatibility on Windows 2000 Terminal Services, and Windows 2003 Terminal Services?? Thank You VERY much for any help you can provide. Joe
  • 4. Map only default client printer
    Is there a way, hopefully using a GPO, to allow/force clients to only map their default printers. I find that when users have multiple printers installed on there machines the Terminal Server maps them all and this causes the server to have 300+ printers installed at any one time which sometimes causes the spooler service to crash.
  • 5. Logon logging
    Hello all, What's the best way to log RDP users as they come and go? I'd like to log the id and the time/date they logged on and off. A script to append a record to a file in MS Access is easy, but that doesn't work in a script that I can have run at logon/logoff time. Would also like to log the client os used (Win,Mac...) if possible, but right now I'd be happy with just the on/off/time. Thanks John

Why can we only ever get one user logged on via TS

Postby Bobby » Fri, 18 Apr 2008 05:20:42 GMT

We have four servers running Windows 2003, with about 50 user
licenses. One of the servers is exclusively a TS server. We do not use
TS through VPN (yet!). We use a Sonicwall TZ190 firewall.

Can anybody explain to me why we can never get more than one, possibly
two users logged on remotely at the same time with TS? I thought we
should be able to get all 50 users on if necessary, though in reality
we only need about 10.

It's so frustrating - it's always our MD who can't get on due to some
sales guy being on all evening. Is it just a setting on the firewall,
or is it a TS setting?

Thanks for any help


Re: Why can we only ever get one user logged on via TS

Postby Rob Leitman [MS] » Fri, 18 Apr 2008 05:34:55 GMT

What error do you see when the user can't log on?

You may be in Remote Administration mode, when you should be in TS App 
Server mode.



Re: Why can we only ever get one user logged on via TS

Postby Bobby » Fri, 18 Apr 2008 06:07:36 GMT

On 16 Apr, 21:34, "Rob Leitman [MS]" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Well at the moment, I'm getting:

"The client could not connect to the remote computer.

Remote connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too
busy to accept new connections. It is also possible that network
problems are preventing your connection.

Please try connecting later. If the problem continues to occur,
contact your administrator."

I know that somebody is connected at the moment.

Thanks for your help,


Re: Why can we only ever get one user logged on via TS

Postby Piet van Dongen » Mon, 21 Apr 2008 19:21:54 GMT

Check TS Configuration in Administrative Tools => Look if the server is 
installed and licensed as a TS with TS CAL's per user.


Piet van Dongen

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