Windows Update just keeps scanning

windows update

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  • 1. Windows Update error 0x80004005
    Hello, All! Windows Update always fails with error number 0x80004005. Does anyone knows what's happened with it? Windows XP Pro SP2 With best regards, Eugene Firsov.
  • 2. Windows 2003 Server, Service Pack 1 Update
    Its been downloaded but when trying to install immediately comes back saying failed to install. I would like to delete the downloaded file and try again in case it was corrupt. Any ideas? Many thanks Darren Line
  • 3. all new update problem installing
    I have tryed every thing to get the new updates to install.I can not get them to install,at all. updates failed are KB885828,KB887980,KB902953,KB887982,KB887979 does anyone no were i can start on this problem......... -- mike
  • 4. Updates continuously fail to install
    Notification that a number of updates are ready for installation, however when performing the install, I keep getting notification that update was UNABLE to install the upddates. No particular error codes or anything, just that it was unable to successfully install. The annoying bit is that I can't get rid of the little notifying thingy in the task bar which keeps telling me to install the updates but when trying they just keep failing.. How frustrating, any suggestions ??? Thanks, Mark

Windows Update just keeps scanning

Postby PR » Wed, 12 May 2004 12:51:19 GMT

When i scan for updates windows completes the scanand lists all| updates and
drivers i need, however when i click on the| drivers or updates to view them
windows opens up an new| window and scans all over again, and continues to
do so| each time i click on the updates to view them.  any| ideas, thank you
very much.

Re: Windows Update just keeps scanning

Postby Jupiter Jones [MVP] » Wed, 12 May 2004 13:18:56 GMT

Disable your Discussion Bar in Internet Explorer:
1. On the "View" menu,point to "Explorer Bar".
3. Click "Discuss" to remove the check mark and disable this option.


Jupiter Jones  [MVP]

updates and
view them
continues to
thank you

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I have tried this several times already, all with the same result, and have 
let the page load for up to 15 minutes, whereas the process took around 30 
seconds previously, so I am quite certain that there must be a fault of some 
kind. I have not, however, received any error messages - the updates list 
just kept loading/scanning my computer indefinitely - and so all the KB 
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On a vaguely related note, is it true that there is now a Windows XP Service 
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