Windows Update just keeps scanning

windows update

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  • 1. rightclick
    I am runing win.xp,i have no problem on my screen name.Other users can not right click on anything excepy the desktop,if they R/C on a file they get windows must shut down details say cnvshell.dll problem any help please.
  • 2. Bugs in automatic update:
    The bugs included in the automatic update that microsoft installed on my computer two days ago causes crashes everytime I access my microsoft word software. Microsoft has debilitated me again. This has happened time and again over the years causing me hundreds of manhours of delay and frustration. Is there anything that can be done? Prior to microsoft's update, my system was working fine. How can I get microsoft to fix the problems they cause. Is there any lemon law that applies to microsoft's selling of lemons as there is in other industries - e.g. the auto industry???? Donald P Coveleski
  • 3. unable to install update on windows xp due to activex
    Hi, I have encountered problems getting the update for windows xp due to activex program that wont allowed me to get this upgrade which I need desperalety, can anybody please help me to solve this problem. I have tried all microsoft instructions and still dont work. Please help me solve this ACTIVEX problen. THank You, for your kindness.
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    hi please help me. i want to find a new job through yahoo jobs ,but i can not open the page for applying jobs please help me what to do. sincerely yours SHARAREH RAJA
  • 5. KB810217 - MS03-051 - Appreared today via Windows Automatic Update - Why?
    I am running Window XP PRO, SP1, which up through12/7 was fully patched up to date on 'Critical fixes' 'Baseline Security Advisor' showed NO needed critical fixes on 12/07 either! Showed the same today! Today. KBB810217, shows as ready for installation by Windows Update... Yet the Knowledge Base article shows a last update back in November! I thought that to be a little weird! Go ahead and apply or wait until they 'retract it'???

Windows Update just keeps scanning

Postby PR » Wed, 12 May 2004 12:51:19 GMT

When i scan for updates windows completes the scanand lists all| updates and
drivers i need, however when i click on the| drivers or updates to view them
windows opens up an new| window and scans all over again, and continues to
do so| each time i click on the updates to view them.  any| ideas, thank you
very much.

Re: Windows Update just keeps scanning

Postby Jupiter Jones [MVP] » Wed, 12 May 2004 13:18:56 GMT

Disable your Discussion Bar in Internet Explorer:
1. On the "View" menu,point to "Explorer Bar".
3. Click "Discuss" to remove the check mark and disable this option.


Jupiter Jones  [MVP]

updates and
view them
continues to
thank you

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