Windows Update just keeps scanning

windows update

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    I cannot upgrade windows XP home from win 98se. It says Setup cannot copy E:\1386\mfc42.dll to c:\windows\setup\mfc42.dll AND setup cannot copy E:\1386\migisol.exe to C:\windows\setup\migisol.exe. This is not a defective CD or a defective CD drive issue based on numerous identical posts with problems with identical files. Already went through all the MS KB articles. Both OS's are legit. Could Norton Internet Security cause this? Can I upgrade from Safe Mode? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    While installing Apache web server it needs windows service pack 1 to be installed on system, my system already has service pack installed , is it reccomanded to install Apache web server on service pack-2. ? Does service pack-2 content the containts of service pack-1 or is the service packs are like patches which contents specific utilities ? -- Yogesh
  • 3. configure WSUS
    hi all, seem that the newsgroup for WSUS is down, unable to get into the link. this is the next relevant newsgroup i found, hope its ok to post here. i am testing the roll out of tested patches to client pcs inside a OU. as i do not wan user intervention, hence i selected option 4 auto download and schedule install. i hv also enable the allow automatic update immediate installation. here is my qn. i realise that the 1st update is to install windows installer 3.1 and BITS & winhttp 5.1 update and reboot is requried before the full list of other patches can be installed. as the full list of installation consists of abt 30 updates, i intend to rollout over the weekend. so if restart is required, it means that the patches will not installed successfully. how can i force all the updates to install in a single session? i also realised if the current logon user is local administrator, it will need user to select express or custom install before the installation continue. how can i bypass this step. thx & best regds

Windows Update just keeps scanning

Postby PR » Wed, 12 May 2004 12:51:19 GMT

When i scan for updates windows completes the scanand lists all| updates and
drivers i need, however when i click on the| drivers or updates to view them
windows opens up an new| window and scans all over again, and continues to
do so| each time i click on the updates to view them.  any| ideas, thank you
very much.

Re: Windows Update just keeps scanning

Postby Jupiter Jones [MVP] » Wed, 12 May 2004 13:18:56 GMT

Disable your Discussion Bar in Internet Explorer:
1. On the "View" menu,point to "Explorer Bar".
3. Click "Discuss" to remove the check mark and disable this option.


Jupiter Jones  [MVP]

updates and
view them
continues to
thank you

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