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  • 1. Installed or not?
    On 6/8 Vista was fully patched. On 6/9 I was notified by WU of new available updates including several security, .net, and MRT updates. I choose to download and install them then after a few minutes I was prompted to reboot to finish install. When I rebooted I got the usual message that I've seen dozens of times over the years "Windows is Finishing Installing Updates- Do not turn off your computer" All is good so far ***THEN*** After a couple of minutes I get a message that "Updates did not install correctly -removing updates" So I wait a few more minutes and WU apparently finishes Uninstalling the updates. When I finally get booted back up into Vista I opened WU "View Update History" and (for the date in question) there are 9 updates marked as "Successful" and no entry for any "Failed" ones. What gives??? If WU tried to install and then uninstalled them how does that jive with the "Update History". Are the updates truly installed or not??? Thank You
  • 2. OT:
    This newsgroup is the last one still standing that I have subscribed to over the years. All the rest that I've used have migrated - somewhere within the MS structure called Connections. I have a Live ID, signed up, downloaded and installed the forums bridge and use OE to view. It didn't go smoothly at all but finally last night I got it up and running except for "Answers" even after changing the port to 119 from the default 120. But no matter, I will get that figured out soon enough. I keep getting the "In order to use MS Answers NNTP Bridge you must first log into forums and enable "se NNTP Bridge" option....." I have but continue to get this error. Tonight I decided to try and find the equivalent of the newsgroups that used to be under None have the same names nor am I able to locate a cross-reference list of where what the groups may be called in this (new to me) structure. Also, the Connections server is so busy I am being constantly knocked off and then can't reconnect. Hmmm....with all the billions and billions, one would think they could afford the hardware to support this change. Guess their assumptions were wrong - these newsgroups really do have more traffic than they thought since their servers can't handle the load. Anyone have a suggestion on a cross-reference list of the newsgroups or do we just have to guess and go flailing around? Thank you, Bob S.
  • 3. error code: 0x80244017
    Our company has (3) new XP systems, when running Windows updates, only a few files are downloaded and installed, others "fail". The reason for the "failures" are the error code 0x80244017. We checked the "Windows Installer"( latest version) but it is NOT "started". Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.
  • 4. Help with 80070643 problem: Vista update will not install.
    I read all of the suggestions in the treads but still have not been able to solve my problem. I cannot install the update. I've tried everything that has been suggested short of reinstalling Office 2007. If that will solve the problem I suppose I should do it since I am spending much more time on trying to fix this problem... Any suggestions? Thanks, Tom -- XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Windows Update just keeps scanning

Postby PR » Wed, 12 May 2004 12:51:19 GMT

When i scan for updates windows completes the scanand lists all| updates and
drivers i need, however when i click on the| drivers or updates to view them
windows opens up an new| window and scans all over again, and continues to
do so| each time i click on the updates to view them.  any| ideas, thank you
very much.

Re: Windows Update just keeps scanning

Postby Jupiter Jones [MVP] » Wed, 12 May 2004 13:18:56 GMT

Disable your Discussion Bar in Internet Explorer:
1. On the "View" menu,point to "Explorer Bar".
3. Click "Discuss" to remove the check mark and disable this option.


Jupiter Jones  [MVP]

updates and
view them
continues to
thank you

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