Windows Update just keeps scanning

windows update

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    Hi, I have just used the MBSA command line tool mbsacli.exe to scan 170 different servers I used the following command mbsacli /target {servername} /n Password+IIS+SQL+OS /nai /nm >>c:\myscan7.txt Of the 170 servers I scanned 5 produced errors: one of them Result: Cannot deploy security metadata. (0x00000079) four of them Result: Cannot deploy security metadata. (0x0000046a) Can anyone enlighten me to what these error codes mean? Thank you Brendon
  • 2. Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB911961)
    I get same error message, unable to install. Have turned off ALL protection and still can not get to install. If it is not going to work, can I at least get it out of my reminder list of updates to install? I continues to display when I shut my machine down.
  • 3. Regression Testing Policy for Patch Management
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any good information on a proactive patch management regression testing policy. We currently offer realtime patch management for our clients and were hoping to document our regression testing a little better so they will have something to show their auditors. However I cannot seem to find a default template/policy online. Thanks
  • 4. How to get missing services: BITS and Eventlog
    Using services.msc I was told to look for Automatic updating, BITS and Eventlog. But I'm missing BITS and Eventlog. So what to do?
  • 5. Problem with Windows Firewall
    I've had SP2 installed for a long time now, and the firewall seemed to work without any problems. All of a sudden my computer got filled with spyware & virus' and after a long fight I got rid of them with my antispyware & antivirus programs. Anyway, some of the spyware seemed to disable the Windows Firewall, and now I can't get it on anymore. It shows a message which says 'due to an unidentified problem, windows cannot display firewall settings'. Anyone knows how to fix this?

Windows Update just keeps scanning

Postby PR » Wed, 12 May 2004 12:51:19 GMT

When i scan for updates windows completes the scanand lists all| updates and
drivers i need, however when i click on the| drivers or updates to view them
windows opens up an new| window and scans all over again, and continues to
do so| each time i click on the updates to view them.  any| ideas, thank you
very much.

Re: Windows Update just keeps scanning

Postby Jupiter Jones [MVP] » Wed, 12 May 2004 13:18:56 GMT

Disable your Discussion Bar in Internet Explorer:
1. On the "View" menu,point to "Explorer Bar".
3. Click "Discuss" to remove the check mark and disable this option.


Jupiter Jones  [MVP]

updates and
view them
continues to
thank you

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