Administrator or Power User privileges not recognized in Vista



  • 1. Opening Office Programmes / Permission
    I have a Laptop that has Vista and I have some problems with opeing Word. Firstly - I can open Excel fine and it does not ask for a permission from the User Account and Simply opens. Next when I open Word - it asks for permission - why word and not Excel??? Lastly, I have a video analysis software programme. Inside this programme I can click an Icon to load a word document to take notes on a particular video. When I click this, it asks for permission but when I click yes, word appears to load ( I see the small logo in the middle of the screen) but it never appears - ie fully loads. However when I check Task manager it is running??? I must have clicked somewhere or changed a permission unknowingly as it used to work fine Please help Russell
  • 2. HELP! i cannot log in!!!!
    help! my windows vista home premiuim wont let me log on! it states " The user profile Service service failed logon, user cannot be loaded! totally confused. i need hand in uni work tomorrow but i cant log on to my computer! :( can someone please help me xxx -- aimee
  • 3. Can't access or activate my Administrator Account
    I have Windows Home Premium, 32 bit running on my computer. Windows came loaded with my computer with a CD. It is not an original Windows Vista CD however, like ones bought seperately. (I know this is needed for some of the fixes I read) I have no idea why this happened, but I can not access my Admin Acc through either regular or safe mode. It does not show up in my 'user accounts' or 'switch user'. I had to create a temp account in Safe Mode, in order to get anywhere. This account is very limited, will not let me access 'Command Prompt', 'Explore' from the Start button and such. I did find my Admin Acc by way of C drive then changing permissions. I have tried pages of relevant posts, but can't seem to get anywhere. As yet I have not attempted to give Admin rights to this temp account, as I'm afraid of loosing my real Admin Account. Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mia -- Mia3
  • 4. activation key problems!! help please!!
    hi all, here's the problem, I ran out of space on my 40gig so I went out and bought a new 80gig sata drive, I ghosted all my stuff across to the new drive and it boots up fine. left it last night turned on connected to the net cause it was doing updates. logged on this morning and get the activation screen come up and it says i only have 3 days to activate it!! help!! -- squeesy cheese

Administrator or Power User privileges not recognized in Vista

Postby bGRsYWN5Z3VhbQ » Tue, 18 Dec 2007 16:29:01 GMT

I am trying to associate .eml files with the Incredimail Program I use.  
However, I keep getting the message "You need to have Administrator or Power 
User privleges in order to associate .eml files with IncrediMailXe.

I am the only user/Administrator on my PC and I've tried everything I know 
of, including turning on and off User Account Control.

RE: Administrator or Power User privileges not recognized in Vista

Postby bXVsam95 » Thu, 20 Dec 2007 03:04:05 GMT

Re: Administrator or Power User privileges not recognized in Vista

Postby turboterry » Thu, 10 Jan 2008 12:21:36 GMT

Did you get help with this?  I'm having the same problem?


Re: Administrator or Power User privileges not recognized in Vista

Postby bGRsYWN5Z3VhbQ » Thu, 10 Jan 2008 14:01:00 GMT

No I haven't solved this yet, either through MS or Incredimail.

Re: Administrator or Power User privileges not recognized in Vista

Postby turboterry » Thu, 10 Jan 2008 21:26:12 GMT

Got these instructions just this a.m. from Incredimail technical
It worked for me.  Hope it works for you!

To solve the problem you are
experiencing, simply do the following: 
- Open IncrediMail and select an email. Click the *'File'* menu,
  select *'Save As...' *and save the email to your Desktop as an .eml
- Minimize all the windows, right-click the .eml file you saved on
  your Desktop, scroll to *'Open With...'* and select *'Choose
- Select *'IncrediMail Application' *from the list and check
- From now on, all your .eml files will be opened with IncrediMail.


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