windows vista and adobe flash player



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    When I installed Vista my date was set at February 25th. I changed it to the current date (The 5th then) and my weather/news feed just stopped updating! I believe it is saying these updates are older than the 25th, so I will just not update it until I get a newer one (Perhaps a date is tagged to when they were downloaded.). Is there anyway to fix this except waiting?
  • 2. Hey something worked
    I just wanted to put this in since every other comment (including mine) are about the things that do not work. Well I just installed some of my hardware (Creative Web Cam and a USB mic/headphones ) and both worked great. Well one out of 100 is a start I guess. Lloyd
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    Do the language packs avalaible for Windows Vista Ultimate changeeven the shortcuts and things like that? Cause the only Vista Ultimate I can buy is in Italian but I want it in english cause I prefer the various shortcuts..... Thanks in advance
  • 4. media player won't start
    I have a new hp9230 laptop and media player has stopped working. Seemed to correspond with the copying of a full cd of ripped .mp3 to my hard drive. Soon after I noticed that media player will not activate. The .exe is there in its rightfull place. I thought of re-installing media player bu tI have no idea how. I sure this isnt some weird DRM garbage. I have deleted the .mp3 just in case that was related. I have installed Call of Duty 2 and Oblivion and Ad-Aware. I can do without media player as Real Player works.

windows vista and adobe flash player

Postby YWVyb2xpdGhl » Fri, 25 Jan 2008 03:00:02 GMT

I have a problem, it may even resolve some of the issues i seen posted. the 
main screenname of this computer can play videos with the flash player, but 
when i switch to another person it says adobe flash player add-on is missing. 
wat would b some ways to try fixing this....and it snot blocked,this account 
have no parental control restrictions.

RE: windows vista and adobe flash player

Postby U0xvd2VDU0w » Fri, 25 Jan 2008 04:42:02 GMT

Is your account an Administrator account or a Standard user account? You can 
only put parental restrictions on a non Administrator account. I believe your 
account has to be an administrator account for it to install the Flash player.

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