Cannot copy file from network share on NTFS drive to local NTFS drive



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Cannot copy file from network share on NTFS drive to local NTFS drive

Postby MDaniel » Wed, 20 Dec 2006 11:55:20 GMT

I have an XP Pro machine with a folder shared to the network with full 
control for everyone. Every other machine on the LAN, regardless of 
Windows version or user account level, has no problem reading/writing on 
this share. The share resides on an NTFS drive. There is no domain.

I have install Vista on three computers (two x86, one x64) and have had 
the exact same problem on all three: the Vista machines can access the 
above network share, open files on it, and write to it as expected. 

The problem is with copying a file from that share to a local NTFS 
volume. I can copy it to a local FAT32 volume no problem since that 
strips the NTFS data from the file. I can then copy it from the FAT32 
drive to the NTFS drive. Attempting to copy a file from the network 
directly to the local NTFS disk results in an error message reading 
"Destination Folder Access Denied: You need Permission to Perform this 
Action, Try again/Cancel". I don't get a UAC elevation prompt.

However, if I create a file on the shared folder from the Vista 
computer, I can copy it back to the Vista computer. Its like there's 
something in the NTFS data of the files created on XP that Vista won't 
copy onto its own NTFS volume. 

Things I've tried with NO effect:

1) Disabled UAC

2) Logged on as an administrator

3) Logged on as a regular user

4) Enabled THE administrator and logging on as such

5) Changed where I'm copying the file to (ie. Desktop, Documents, etc)

6) Created new folder on C and verified that everyone and their brother 
has full control of it before attempting to copy a file to it from the 

The only variable I've found that has any effect on the issue is the 
file system of either the network share or the local disk. If either one 
is FAT32, file copying work. If both are NTFS, it fails. 

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