BUG: a lot of errors "Event ID 6003 winlogon" in Event Viewer


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BUG: a lot of errors "Event ID 6003 winlogon" in Event Viewer

Postby QmlsbEQ » Fri, 30 Mar 2007 00:30:03 GMT

In the Event Viewer I've a lot of errors about "Event ID 6003 winlogon" from 
30 January to 28 March (I performed a clean installation on 30 January).
Is it a bug? Do you have these event id 6003 winlogon errors into Event 

Event ID: 6003 Source: Winlogon and says:
The winlogon notification subscriber <TrustedInstaller> was unavailable to
handle a critical notification event.

And only today I've got a similar error during the logon, i.e. I clicked on 
my user, typed my password and Vista shown a dialog box with a similar/same 
error, then I retried again an login worked.

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Thanks for the response.

It is.

Any other ideas.

"David Parkes" wrote:

> Check that the DNS is pointing to your Domain Controller. 

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thanks in advance,


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