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  • 1. Is DVD Make in the OEM version Ultimate 64bit?
    Hi, I can't see Windows DVD Maker on my pc which was built by my son and used an OEM version of Vista Ultimate OEM and I've spent hours trying to find out if it is on this version, does anyone know? If it is can anyone tell me if I am ok to click the 'Install" button when I insert my OEM disk, I dred that it will try to install Vista Ultimate again and damage some of my files. Any help is greatly appreciated. -- Let There Be Peace, and Harmony Barbershop John
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    Has it ever worked? If so, try system restore. Or... Contact the manufacturer who made the computer. If the website or tech support tells you to download the latest utility software for that application be sure to uninstall the old utility software first. -- oscar :) ...Right click is your best friend... "Daryni" wrote: > My laptop came with an integrated webcam, but i dont know how to get it > started. I have tried the automated and manual troubleshooting, but they just > tell me that my webcam isnt working properly without telling me how to fix > the problem. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

ICon images

Postby aU1hcnJpZWRNeXNlbGY » Mon, 04 Aug 2008 11:52:00 GMT

Why can default icons get larger when I choose to view folders in explorer 
larger ?
What is the size of such an icon ?

Problem is when I make my own icon, it doesn't show large like that even 
when my icon size is made at 150x150

Any here out there ?

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1.Associated Icon Image

I just downloaded and installed Windows Media Player Version 11 and see that 
all the icons for my media files no long have the MP overlay icon.
I find this confusing and annoying.
With a large screen flat panel 22 inch monitor set to 1680 x 1050 the icons 
for media files look like common system registered files. They are so small 
it is hard to tell what they are. It was so much easier when they had the 
round media player icon on them.
Is this a problem resulting for  a poor load or is this what they are 
supposed to look like under MP 11?
Is there any way to have them appear as they have under all previous 
versions of MP? 

2.Change file icon image

I recently had to reinstall Windows XP Professional on my laptop.  By 
default, the media player edition that comes with the system is the 9 series. 
 I like the 10 series best, so upgrade to that (yes, I do not like 11 or 12).

For some reason, when I updated this time around, the icons of all the files 
that use WMP for playback use the 9 series-based icon instead of the 10 
series-based icon.  Unlike with applications, where you can right-click the 
application's icon, go to properties, and then click on "Change Icon," for 
these files that make use of an application, no "change icon" button is 
available under properties.  How do I change the icon associated with these 
files so that they use the 10 series-based icon instead of the 9 series one?

Thanks many,

3.losing icon images

I keep chaning my icon images, they stay a short time before they revert 
back to the standard Internet E in a white box.

What is my problem, I have looked at every thing.

By the way it is not happening with all  Icons - just the ones I have placed 
on the desktop from My Favorites??


4.User Folder Icon Image

You know how folder icons in Vista display a preview of the folders'
contents? My User Folder inside C:/User, the topmost folder that
contains folders such as Contacts, Desktop, Documents...etc, is
displaying an image that is not in the folder. In fact, that image file
shouldn't even exist in my computer as it is only the album art image of
a mp3 file. I've done a search and took for hidden files, but couldn't
find anything. I've also try messed with the settings in
Properties/Customize, and tried to restore the icon to default but the
image remains there. The only thing that makes the image disappear
temperary is when I create an jpg file called folder.jpg and place it
inside the User Folder, then folder.jpg gets displayed instead. But as
soon as I delete folder.jpg, the original image appears again. Is there
a hidden file or something that I'm not aware of?


5.Broken icon images after a repair of my Windows installation

Hi all,

OK, I had an issue with my Vista installation after the latest batch of 
updates this week that resulted in my winload.exe file being corrupted. I had 
to repair my installation which I was able to do after a little bit of 
trouble and Windows now works again.

But the repair of my Windows installation has had an unforeseen side effect. 
A lot of my desktop and Startup menu recently/most used programs icon images 
are now broken. They will only display the default icon image.

I have opened up the Properties for these programs and the icon image link 
to the file is correct, it just won't display the icon for love or money. 
Funnily enough, the icon image is displayed correctly if I open up the 
program folder for each of the damaged images in the Startup menu, it's just 
the list of most-used programs when you initially open up the Start menu that 
is damaged.

I have tried deleting these shortcuts and then creating new ones in the hope 
that this will get around the issue but that didn't work.

So can anyone tell me how I can fix these icon image file associations so 
that they display correctly please?

Many thanks.

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