.Zip files reprograming



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.Zip files reprograming

Postby YW5pbWVpZGVl » Sun, 25 May 2008 14:12:00 GMT

I somehow got all my .zip files to be read as a media player file, and not as 
an extra folder to open and allow me to extract.  Now I am having a hard time 
extracting files, if at all.  Is there a way to reset my .zip protocal?  I 
tried to do it via the protocal defaults but it only lets me switch the 
program, and not return it to a file.

help would be nice!

Re: .Zip files reprograming

Postby Brink » Sun, 25 May 2008 15:52:59 GMT

animeidee;720872 Wrote: 

Hello Animeidee,

This tutorial will show you how to restore the default ZIP feature in




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