mfpmp.exe using 80% CPU for WMV only?



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mfpmp.exe using 80% CPU for WMV only?

Postby OzBoy » Wed, 08 Aug 2007 12:57:18 GMT

Howdy, when I play WMV files (Protected or Not) in WMP11 mfpmp.exe
starts off taking about 20% of the cpu but as the file plays it starts
taking more and more until it hit's 80% usage and by then the player is
going so slowly I have to close it.

It plays all other format's with no problems.

I can play WMV in other players without any issue's just not in WMP11.

Have now removed all codec packs that were installed and all other
media players but still have the problem.

Could anybody help. Tried to reinstall WMP11 but keep getting the
message at the start stating that my player is newer than the one I am
trying to install, got the download from MSFT.

So can anyone help with this problem?

Thanks in advance. :geek:


Re: mfpmp.exe using 80% CPU for WMV only?

Postby G.Born » Wed, 15 Aug 2007 22:51:05 GMT


You described an interesting effect I also discovered here on my German 
Vista Ultimate, playing several MP3 files. What I found out:

* mfpmp.exe is part of the Media Foundation Protection
* on most audio files, mfpmp.exe is consuming up to 10 % CPU load
* on MP3 files, encoded with Gogo (above 3) Codec, the load jumps up to 
   playing such files causing a "stutterin" sound
* if I play such files in Media Player Classics, mfpmp.exe is gone and the 
sound is ok
* if I convert the stuttering MP3 file using Audacity and Lame, the 
resulting MP3 file plays fine in WMP11 at least

One other curiosity: This behavior is user account specific. If I run the 
mp3 file on an other account on the same maschine, everything is ok. Also 
copying the mp3 file to another machine results in a fine play. As a 
conclusion, it can't be influenced by a "codec" or DirectShow Filter AFAIK.

The only explanation I found for me: Something within the file might be 
"wrong", so WMP 11 "think" the media is drm protected and tries to "scale 
down" the audio-data to a "lower quality". And this conversion will eat 50 
to 70% of your CPU load. Maybe I'm wrong with my explanation - but it's the 
only clue I could find.

Any other thoughts welcome.

G. Born

Re: mfpmp.exe using 80% CPU for WMV only?

Postby OzBoy » Wed, 29 Aug 2007 11:38:37 GMT

Well my computer healed itself...must be a new function in Vista!! After
I updated from patch Tuesday all of a sudden the mfpmp issue has gone


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