wmp 11 vista not opening



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    I can not seem to find the template for creating a compact disc cover. This is a new computer for me. -- Thanks for the help, Big Jon
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    I was uninstaling real player and then after it was completed I cannot get sound to come out of my speakers. Do I have to do something to tell the driver that I no longer have real player. I have used media player for many months and real player was the player of choice for mp3 downloads. Help! I need Christmas carols.

wmp 11 vista not opening

Postby dWJlcl9uZW1lc2lzQGhvdG1haWwuY29t » Tue, 13 Feb 2007 12:10:01 GMT

I cant open music/video in wmp 11.  I double click the program and it wont 
open.  I don't remember deleting anything vital.  As well, if i try and open 
a file in HP quick play, it doesnt recognize media files.  However, I can 
play the songs/vids in i tunes.  Any ideas?

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1.wmp 11 vista not opening

I can't get my wmp11 for vista to open, as well if i try and play files in 
wmedia centre or HP quick play, it wont recognize.  That being said, itunes 
will play the files.
any suggestions?

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Hi All,

Off late i am faciis ng a strange issue in my Vista Laptop.Model HP DV9602TX
Windows Media Player is not responding at all.Not able to play anything in 
Whenever i click the icon it just doesnot respond at all :(
just to notify that i have windows Vista SP1 installed in my system..
One more issue is that i cant format the system as i have got a lot of 
stuffs installed in my system and have some urgent deliverables...

Please help me out.......
Waiting for your replies eagerly...

Thanks and Regards,

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