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Re: XP Pro cannot access Vista shared folder - Eldon

Postby Eldon » Wed, 04 Jul 2007 23:39:51 GMT

Have you found a solution to this as of yet? If not (or for anyone else experiencing this problem), try this: START > NETWORK. You may have a yellow bar just below the menu bar that says "File sharing is turned off ... Click to change". If so, clicking this should solve the problem.


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I have an Acer Aspire 3680 laptop currently running Vista.  I have set up a 
home network between this and my desktop which is running Xp Pro.  
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desktop, but when I try and access the desktop from the laptop it comes up 
with message - cannot access the computer //ANNE, check the spelling or your 
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        My Vista Business system is sharing its internet  connection with 2 
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you have permissions.       Access denied."

        Vista Network & Sharing Center has network listed as private with 
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Ok, here's what I did:

On my XP Computer:
1) Right Click on my "My Documents" folder and go to Sharing...
2) Click the box "Share this folder" and name it "documents"
3) Click the box saying "Allow users to change" blah blah
4) Hit OK. File sharing does its thing and all is good.
5) Go to Security and give "everyone" full control

On my Vista Computer
1) Go to Run and type in \\neo\documents
2) Folder comes up
3) Browse to "My Downloads" folder
4) Open up any pre-existing file without problem

NOW... if I download a new file, be it a video, zip file, document, whatever 
and then try to open it on my Vista machine through this share, bammo

For a video through Zoom Player or Windows Media Player, both fail and tell 
me the file is either open or corrupted.

AS SOON as I go to the XP machine, right click on the My Documents folder 
and go to Sharing, uncheck "Allow users to change..." and recheck it and 
click apply... XP does its thing. I go back to Vista and open the SAME file 
and bam, it works just perfectly!

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5.access denied on vista Document folder from xp pro laptop

I have a similar problem as that of Duke of URL.  I have the same
workgroup name for my vista desktop and my xp laptop and when I try to
share my vista Documents folder to the xp, I get an access denied error
message when trying to open the vista folder from the xp pro.  

it will not allow me to add a username from the xp pro to share when
selecting Share options, only users on the vista.  It does not recognize
any users from the xp pro.

I have all the network sharing features on except for password
protected sharing and media files, but cannot add a user from the xp pro
laptop to the Documents folder.

The permissions are wide open and still I cannot access the files on
the vista, but I don't have any problem accessing the xp pro files from
the vista home premium.

I don't want to use a public folder as I want to be able to view all of
the files and then access the files for read or edit in my Documents
folder on the vista from my xp pro.

What I want to know is how to get your Documents folder on myvista to
share with the xp pro laptop so that I can review them and do searches
on them or edit them.  I have thousands of files and it would be a
nightmare to move them all to the public folder. I would also like to
sync them if possible as I use the laptop while away and want to connect
it back to the private network and sync the files after editing them.

This should not be that hard and yet I have spent hours on trying to
make this work.  I can see the shared vista folders on the xp pro, I
just can't open them.  I have tried everything I have read so far in the
forum and on the HP Help and Support database on network sharing.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



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