Saving files from Vista Machine to xp network share



  • 1. Windows Vista
    This problem is on a desktop unit. When typing in programs or internet explorer the curser just stops and does not type anything. It does not catch up it just skips that letter. I am also having trouble seeing the peer to peer network from vista and I can not see the vista machine from my XP machines as well. Need help Please
  • 2. Vista/XP Permission Issue?
    Hi - I have a PC (Dell) with Vista Home, connected via ethernet to a router. I also have a laptop (Acer) connected by wireless to the same router. Both machines connect to the internet without any problems. I have placed both machines in the same workgroup, but am having trouble accessing either. From the Dell, I can ping the Acer (by IP and by name), but from the Acer I cannot ping the Dell at all. The Dell's Vista Network map shows the Acer as a device on the network. If I try to view the Dell from the Acer, I get the standard "Dell cannot be accessed. You may not have permission " error. I have done a few searches on the internet, but the plethora of possible solutions is somewhat confusing, so am looking for someone to point me in the right direction. TIA.
  • 3. Utility in question
    Thanks for replying. The utility is the diagnost utility connection problems. It is found via the connection icon. I need to run it everytime I want to go online. "Mick Murphy" wrote: > What utility? > > "joachim in phoenix" wrote: > > > For some reason, my Windows Vista Ulitmate PC cannot log onto the internet > > without me having to run a utility first. > > We purchased a second PC, but that system cannot get online without running > > the utility. > > I have seen some solutions, but I am really confused about which ones are > > the correct ones. > > I contacted my cable company, the maker of my pc, and they were really not > > helpful at all, in fact, they had a tone when I brought it up. > > The whole thing is frustrating with the cable company, the maker of my pc > > and not being able to find accurate information, or why two pcs suddenly have > > the same problem.

Saving files from Vista Machine to xp network share

Postby RGF2ZSBCZW5ldGVhdQ » Thu, 31 May 2007 04:12:00 GMT

we have 2 new laptops with Vista on them. Our current network is a Workgroup 
setup... each desktop has the ability to save on the server to a shared 
folder that is only accessable to the logon on that desktop. on the new vista 
machines, I am able to view the files on the network share and open them, but 
am unable to save anything to the network share.

Any ideas?


Re: Saving files from Vista Machine to xp network share

Postby Gloria Boyer [MSFT] » Thu, 31 May 2007 04:29:56 GMT

Hi Dave. This article might help you out:


Gloria Boyer
Windows User Assistance team
Microsoft Corporation

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