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  • 1. Automatic Error Reporting
    As I posted in the game section about Anarchy Online, Vista generates automatic error reporting messages whenever a program crashes. Sometimes these error reports generate when there is no need for them to generate (example, logging into a particular piece of software and after login is sucessful, it loads a 2nd program. Vista sees the first program terminating after the 2nd is launched as a crash and lags down the system generating crash reports when there was no crash) Is there a way to disable the error reporting on a per-program basis?
  • 2. Blue streaks in online media player
    Since installing RC1 I have a thick blue streak running in the middle of the online media player that wasn't there when using XP with WMP11. This is when you go to a site and watch a video inserted in to the site for online viewing, it does not happen if I download the file and watch with WMP. Has anyone experienced this and resolved it? Thanks, DRW
  • 3. Permission to install .dll file? Where do I do that?
    I have been running RC1 for 4 days now and overall, really like it. One problem that I have run in to, however, is getting WinX DVD Ripper to run. I get an error message about a .dll file missing so downloaded the file but when I went to save it in my windows/system directory, it won't save as it says it must have administrator permission. Well I am the administrator and I want anything that I want to save to just save and shut up about it, lol! It saved to my user/admin file instead. Do any of you know where I can set those permissions? Thanks in advance!
  • 4. vista enable write back cache
    I have 2 sata western digital hard drives using intel's raid. in xp I could load intel matrix manager and have more control over the raid. but in vista I don't show that option and if I right click in device manager on the hard drives, I see 2 check boxes that will allow for advanced write back cache option, but it shows my hard drives don't support that. What hard drives do support it and does it give a big performance boost. is there someway to force it to use that option.
  • 5. will my pc run vista rc1
    the machine is a first gen p4 the full specs are pentium 4 1.4 ghz 256mb of rambus mem 20gb eide drive win xp pro 4 mb s3 pci video card it is pretty fast with xp but my video card is what scares me will it run vista without blowing up the card help please

Re: Why you have so few restore points -SPAM

Postby Cameron Snyder » Sun, 02 Mar 2008 07:42:54 GMT

Your information is not even correct... And just to promote your 
disappearing intellect blog...

Re: Why you have so few restore points -SPAM

Postby Bob » Sun, 02 Mar 2008 07:49:48 GMT

So why are you giving the spammer more exposure by including his original 

Re: Why you have so few restore points -SPAM

Postby Cameron Snyder » Sun, 02 Mar 2008 08:35:07 GMT

Excellent point. I was just in automaton mode. click-reply-send Thanks for 
the slap.

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