Help with administrative question for XP

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    What is the differance between XP-Pro and Tablet Edition ?.
  • 2. Printing and saving disappeared
    I'm no longer able to print the emails I receive or to save pictures. The print option and the Save As option are there but nothing happens. I assume I accidentally turned something off, but I don't know what or how to reverse it. Thanks, Dar
  • 3. Windows Xp SP2 won't start
    I'm running Windows XP SP2. IE 6 locked on me yesterday so I cntl-alt-delete and ended the task. After that I tried to reboot it gets as far as my wall paper and then nothing else happens. No program icons, no task bar. The only thing I can do is cntl-alt-delete and see the the process that are running. I can start it in safe mode, safe mode with networking and everything works OK. When it starts in normal mode I can see it from other networked PC and access the hard drives. Any
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    When in MCE watching TV the status or control bars dont go away after a few seconds of not using the mouse. They use to dissappear after a few seconds of no mouse activity on my previous computer. -- michael warren
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    I downloaded a rar file (15 mb) and once I unpacked it on my desktop (it would show 0 mb when I tried the properties tab) it would not allow the contents of the folder to be seen nor to be delete it. The message I got was nable to delete the fileand t is used by another program I tried the following to delete the file to no avail however: 1. DOS commands 2. The nlockersoftware 3. Tried to see what new files were created on that day (could not find anything suspicious) so I can delete them 4. Looked at the startup programs (could not find it there) 5. The estore at any earlier datefeature of windows XP 7. Looked in the registry (could not find anything) 8. Tried to see what processes were running so I can terminated it but could not locate anything 9. Tried the Ultimate Troubleshooter software to locate any suspicious running processes 10. PC tools pyware doctor with Antivirusand hreadfire Eset antivirus (it could not scan the folder because it appears to be locked), Avir antivirus, Panta microscan and XoftspySE and I got no malware detection what-so-ever. Further info is that the folder can be moved around (Into other directories and folders but not into the trashcan) and it has the ead onlyindication checked (But it cannot be unchecked) I have administrator privileges on the windows xp system and if anyone could help I would appreciate it.

Help with administrative question for XP

Postby RGF2aWQ » Fri, 20 Aug 2004 23:49:02 GMT

I hope I got the correct descussion group for this.  I am trying to save an 
audio voice message to a CD WR.  When I left click the file and select the d 
drive which is my cdwr I am prompted to select where I wish to save the file. 
 I select the D drive and a folder on that CD but when I hit save it comes up 
with this

You do not have permission to save in this directory.  See the adminstrator 
to obtain permission.  

How do I set the permission to be able to save to this file.  I have saved 
to in in the past but it will no longerlet me.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Help with administrative question for XP

Postby wrsgbXJ0ZWUgwqs » Sat, 21 Aug 2004 07:00:42 GMT

Have you opened help & support and typed "save to cd" or "cd rw".  Lots of answers there.  What is your packet writing program?

Just my 2 worth,
__________in response to__________

| That should have read when I Right Click the mouse... Not Left Click it.  
| Sorry.

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