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Restoring Windows XP Tablet

Postby TWljaGFlbCBQ » Sun, 18 Nov 2007 14:10:01 GMT

I have a tablet PC that was having some serious problems with some corrupted 
OS files, so I attmepted to recover it with the manufacturer's supplied OS 
recovery CD. The problem is that when the cd does not install any Tablet 
support - just installs Win XP home.

When I scour the CD, it appears that the files are there to do a Tablet 
install, but something is not working right. Their "technical" help has 
proven useless and there is no way for me to reach anyone else at the 
company. Can you help? I suspect that there is some setting in the 
Unattended.txt file or the txtsetup.sif file that will trigger it to load the 
proper version of windows.

Can anybody help?  I really miss my tablet functions.

Michael P

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