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  • 1. Deleting Internet History Folder
    So I sold an older computer and just bought a new laptop. Before I sold the other one, I saved my internet HISTORY from C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\ onto my external hard drive. So with this new laptop, I'm trying to bring in the saved history folder to overwrite this new history folder. BUT, it's not allowing me to overwrite, or even delete the folder. It says it's a folder that Windows requires to run properly and can't be deleted. I'm sure there are ways to delete it. Once it's deleted, I'll drag my saved history folder and I'll be set. I want all my visited links from my older computer to appear on my new laptop. Any way to do this?
  • 2. Can I password protect a folder?
    I got Win XP and I wanted to throw a password on my temporary internet files folder. Is this possible? I want to see where people are going on my internet (ie. my little brother). Thanks for you help guys!
  • 3. Continueous Shutdowns
    Approximately 13 minutes after start-up, an error message appears stating "This system is shutting down. Save all ............. NT Authority/System. Remote Procedure Call service terminated. 15-20 minutes after restart, the shut down recurs. This has occurred since installing XP. What I do to correct this problem?
  • 4. TCP/IP Protocal
    Hello Open Control Panel, double click Network Connections, if you have a connection setup in there right click it then go to Properties then Install>Protocol>TCP/IP>OK If you do not have a connection in the Network Connections then click on Create a new Connection link on the left. -- Hope this helps Haus
  • 5. Unable to delete program
    >-----Original Message----- >My son downloaded a program called Kazaa. When I attempt to delete this >program I receive the following notice "error in >C:/hwindows/system32/CD_dint.Dll. Missing entry: servicerundll" What does >this mean? Is there anything I can do ? Thanks, Dennis > > >.Search the internet for "Kazaa be gone" (A removal tool) the normal website is down at the moment. Kazaa is an open doorway for viruses and trojans.If you can't find Kazaa be gone try uninstalling it in safe mode Good luck >

Re: Administrator question

Postby Sharon F » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 20:03:01 GMT

If you open Control Panel> User Accounts (and User Accounts again if using 
Category View in Control Panel) -- what is the description shown for your 
user account? If you are in the administrator group, it will say "Computer 
Administrator" under your user name. 
Sharon F
MS MVP - Windows XP Shell/User

Administrator question

Postby Ann » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 23:17:40 GMT

Having been the only user of my computers for the past 10-11 years, I never
set myself up as Administrator.

Now, a program that I've downloaded and which has given me a registration
code, will not let me use my registration code to unlock the program unless
I have Administrative Privileges.

What do I need to do to get Administrative Privileges?


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