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    After SP2 was loaded, machines in our test lab will not synchronize the my documents folder with the server when the user goes into Hibernate or Standby mode on their laptops...we use Dell Quickset for power management and don't know if this has something to do with it, but the loading of SP2 killed successful synchronization...anybody experienced this? -- Thanks!
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    I'm running Media Center XP with SP2 No programs appear in control panel's "change or remove box". nothing, no fixes, Kxxxx, no Office, no Adobe nothing. The sytem will attempt a search forever using all resourses, with dual CPU's running at 80 to 100% I would rather not reload from scratch again. Is there an obvious (non user error) or entry missing? Any advice is appreciated. .

XP SP3 Media Center Corrupted

Postby amVmZiBiYXJhbg » Sun, 18 May 2008 10:37:01 GMT

Media Center gives corruption messages upon launch, and generates a crash 

I might just roll back the system

Re: XP SP3 Media Center Corrupted

Postby David B. » Tue, 20 May 2008 22:09:46 GMT

Is there a question here? If so you need to provide allot more info.


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This is just an idea, but I personally think that if Vista Home Premium and 
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I personally think this because most people, myself included, don't see a 
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