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Windows file corrupted and cannot repair

Postby everett williams » Sun, 20 May 2007 11:38:22 GMT

Now what?

everett williams 

Re: Windows file corrupted and cannot repair

Postby DL » Sun, 20 May 2007 18:16:05 GMT

replace it?
see system file checker in help

Re: Windows file corrupted and cannot repair

Postby Poprivet » Mon, 21 May 2007 02:54:31 GMT

From a Command Prompt:
sfc /scannow
sfc /? for details

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Now what?

everett williams corrupt system files after scannow cmd couldn't repair

I ran the scannow command, but the corrupted files were unable to be 
repaired.  I'm told I need to insert the CD in order to repair them, but my 
laptop did not come with a Vista CD.  Does Microsoft have a recovery cd to 
download, or is there any way I can repair these files without this CD?

3.Windows - Corrupt File File or directory C:Windows\inf is corrupt

This message comes up randomly and I assume it is tied to some old driver that was removed, replaced or changed.  How do I determine exactly what is causing it and get rid of it???

JimA any software can repair and restore corrupt and miss files in windows vista


a bout one day ago i had small problem in my windows vista Home Premium
its in EventViewer in control panel 

try to open it and gives me message said you must start your
Eventviewer Service so that mean i have to go Services and look for
Windows EventLog service and Run or start it as you see 

and when i going to start that service its said can't start this
service on Local Computer , after i have searched for few mins on google
about why this problem is show on my way and i find out because some
corrupt or missed files on my vista is need to repair and i tried to
restore them through sfc  (System File Checker ) throu command prompt
and check my files and found the missed or corrupt files but cant
restore them and save a log and when i try to open this log wont work
gives me access denied in some how way i think this is very weak idea to
fix problem 

so any good software can help me in that next time inshallah 

i hope so for me and for who have any problem in other sides of vista
than mine

hekopeko file missing or corrupted \windows\system32\config\system

I have windows server 2003.  I have encountered the 
following message file missing or corrupted 
\windows\system32\config\system.  I am trying to repair 
the problem.  The has a repair 
procedure for windows server 2000 but not 2003.  Is it the 
same.  If there is one for 2003 can you please provide me 
with the article number?  Thank you.


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