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  • 1. windows error message when booting
    i was using system mechanic 4 and when i rebooted there was a prob.when booting the win xp splash screen comes up and then a blue screen with message set up is being restarted.then the screen goes black with the mouse pointer still mode the same goes to safe mode but with a black screen.running win xp pro sp2 -- brads
  • 2. Device Manager
    In the "Images" section, I show a scanner with a red X through it which I cannot delete. The message I receive says "cannot may be required to boot computer". It is not required to boot my computer. How can I uninstall it?
  • 3. Customizing ActiveDesktop
    I hate big wight spaces on my desktop - very sub-ergonomic, lastly for eyes. Therefore in my ActiveDesktop (two url's open in two spaces) I want to determine the background color in following manner: control panel -> internet options -> general -> "colors..." button -> text and background set to my preferences -> "use windows colors" option unchecked. It doesn't help. Therefore one change more: one dialog back -> accessibility button -> "ignore colors specified on web pages" option checked. But now my whole desktop gets wight - AWFUL. [1] How can I achieve my goal ? In both ActiveDesktop spaces I wish following background color RGB 82 135 194. [2] How can I determine the background color only and let to use web page's text color ? -- win xp pro sp 2 engl Excel, Word Viewers 2003 PP Viewer 2007 MS security patches applying manually only MBSA 2.0.1 Fx 2.0 as permitted browser only
  • 4. Windows XP will not Log off
    When I go to Log Off my computer, I get this message 'Saving Your Settings', and then I get this message 'Log on to Windows' that has my name and asking for a password (which I do not use). How do I get my computer to Log Off?
  • 5. Problem with html showing up in some programs
    I've just finished building a new computer and I'm slowly adding peripherals, software and data as I test its functionality. I can't exactly identify when or why, but in the last day or two I've begun getting html script where I would normally see a window or form or something. For instance, when I go to register my copy of Quicken for the new machine, I get html instead of what I'd expect to see. And I'm also getting it at the eula confirmation page for an online game ... I get a bunch of script in a window with the accept/deny buttons below it. I've checked to make sure that Java is installed, enabled pretty much every activex permission I can find, even dropped the firewall, and still, the error persists. I'm stumped. Can anyone offer suggestions for solutions?


Postby VHJveQ » Wed, 25 May 2005 11:17:01 GMT

I have a new  SONY VGC-RB34G computer and I have somehow lost my cdrom 
function,would someone please help me recover it ?

Re: cdrom

Postby River_Rat » Wed, 25 May 2005 11:34:15 GMT

Is it in the Device Manager?
If so remove it and then restart and let XP reinstall it from the driver 

If not check and make sure it is plugged in good.

Good Day
River Rat

I have a new  SONY VGC-RB34G computer and I have somehow lost my cdrom
function,would someone please help me recover it ? 

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